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In comparing personal wealth, the Dominican Republic is a richer nation. DR has over 7 million per capita, while Jamaica has only over 4 million.

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What countries are cuba haiti Jamaica and the dominican republic owned by?

All four of these countries are independent:Cuba is owned by Cuba.Haiti is owned by Haiti.Jamaica is owned by Jamaica.The Dominican Republic is owned by the Dominican Republic.

Which country is richer Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic?

Puerto Rico is not a country (it's a U.S. territory), but it is richer than the Dominican Republic.

Which direction is Dominican Republic from Jamaica?


What island is east of the dominican republic?


In what direction is dominican republic from jamaica?


In which direction is Dominican Republic from Jamaica?


What products do Dominican Republic import from Jamaica?

The Dominican Republic don't import products from Jamaica. It primary import and export products from and to United States.

What island is bigger Jamaica or Dominican Republic?

The Hispaniola Island is bigger than Jamaica.

Is there a ferry running from dominican republic to Jamaica?

yes, Tinkerbell

What are the other countries surrounding the Dominican Republic?

Hati shares the land with the dominican republic and around it is cuba, jamaica, and puerto rico.

Is Dominican Republic the best place to visit?

No its not Jamaica is the best place to visit.I love Jamaica

What sea surrounds Jamaica haiti and dominican republic?

That would be the Atlantic

What are the capitals of Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Bahamas?


What are the neighboring countries of jamaica?

Jamaica is an island nation; no land borders. Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas The neighboring countries of Jamaica are:Cuba,Haiti,Dominican Republic,Puerto Rico and The Bahamas Jamaica is near the Cayman Islands, Cuba and Haiti

What are the countries surrounding Jamaica?

Cuba, Cayman Islands, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the islands/countries closest to Jamaica.

What sea touches the shores of haiti and Jamaica and dominican republic?


What are the 4 largest Caribbean countries?

cuba, jamaica, bahamas, dominican republic

What are the names of the three islands in the Caribbean Sea?

Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

What are the four largest countries in the Caribbean?

jamaica, cuba, Hati, and the Dominican republic.

What is the neighboring countries of Puerto Rico?

The Dominican Republic. Cuba. Jamaica. Haiti.

What are the the names of the three islands in the Caribbean Sea?

Jamaica, Cuba and Dominican Republic.

What are the Greater Antilles Island Nations?

Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and dominican republic

Closest countries to Puerto Rico?

Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Virgin Islands,

What countries boreder the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is on an island shared by Haiti. The island od Puerto Rico lies to the east and Jamaica and Cuba lie to the west.

What islands are southeast of Cuba?

Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic)