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a doberman pinscher is well stronger and would kill an akita if attacked!

I think a doberman would be stronger

an akita will not kill it

an akita will not kill it

an akita will not kill it

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Akita. No more to be said.

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Q: Which is stronger Doberman Pinscher or Akita?
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What would win in a fight Doberman or Japanese akita?

Doberman because they have a stronger bite and are stronger overall

What are Doberman pinscher famous for?

The Doberman Pinscher is famous for its personality.

How tall is a Doberman Pinscher?

A Doberman Pinscher is 65 - 69 cm tall.

How fast is a mini Doberman pincher?

There is no such breed as a mini doberman. You may be thinking a Miniature Pinscher which is not related to the Doberman Pinscher.

What is the Doberman pinscher's subspecies?

The Miniature Pinscher and the Toy Pinscher.

Are Doberman Pinschers and Miniature Pinschers related?

Yes, both the Miniature Pinscher and the Doberman [Pinscher] are related. The Miniature Pinscher was developed by breeding small strains of German dogs (including the Pinscher) together. The Doberman was developed by breeding a number of dogs together- including the Pinscher. As you can see both of these dogs are related via the Pinscher dog.

What is a doberman?

A Doberman Pinscher is a medium to Large sized dog that originated in Germany. Find the entire history of the Doberman Pinscher in the attached link.

What is a Miniature Pinscher?

A Miniature Pinscher is a breed of dog. It resembles a Doberman Pinscher, but is smaller.

How much should a mini Doberman pinscher weight at a year old?

I don't think there is such a dog as a mini Doberman Pinscher. Are you referring to a Miniature Pinscher or Min Pin. If so this breed is not directly related to Doberman's

How did Doberman pinshers get their name?

The Doberman Pinscher was named after the breed founder, Louis Dobermann. The word ''Pinscher'' was added as it is German for Terrier. However, as the Doberman Pinscher is not actually a Terrier, the word ''Pinscher'' has been dropped from the name in the UK and is called the ''Dobermann'' instead. In other countries the name has stayed as ''Doberman Pinscher'' although the breed has very little Terrier blood and is not classed in the Terrier breed Group.

In what country was the Doberman pinscher developed?

The Doberman Pinscher is a German breed and was first bred by Louis Dobermann (hence the breed's name).

What country do Doberman pincher come from?

Doberman Pinscher came from Germany.

Can a Doberman Pinscher have big white spots?

They can, but then they wouldn't be a purebred Doberman.

What has the author Len Carey written?

Len Carey has written: 'Pet Doberman pinscher' -- subject(s): Doberman pinscher

How heavy is an adult male Doberman Pinscher?

There is no specific weight for an adult male Doberman Pinscher. A healthy adult male should weigh between 70 and 90.4 pounds (34 and 45 kilograms). An adult Doberman Pinscher is considered a medium size dog.

What is the genus species of the Doberman Pinscher?

Canis familiaris. it also has to be underlined in order to be grammatically correct for the Scientific name of a Doberman Pinscher.

Is there such thing as a Doberman pinscher webkinz?


How strong is a Doberman pinscher's bite?

If you've had your Doberman Pinscher since it was young and trained it well, it will have less chance of biting you. But buying a Doberman when it is older, will be a little harder.A Doberman Pinscher Puppy's bite is not very strong and only feels like a tiny nip. But a grown Doberman Pinscher's bite might be really strong.The dobermans bite is the same question is how strong is a wolf bite there both about 407lbs

What group of dogs does the Doberman pinscher belong to?

The Dobermann Pinscher is categorised in the Working Group.

What is the origin of the word Doberman?

The Doberman Pinscher was named after their original breeder, Louis Dobermann.

What does the word Doberman mean?

The Doberman Pinscher was named after their original breeder, Louis Dobermann.

Why a doberman dog is known as Doberman Pinscher?

Dobermanns are often known as Doberman Pinscher's in America because they were originally classed as Terriers (which is what ''Pinscher'' means in German). The name has now been changed in the UK and some other places to Dobermann as it was felt that as Dobermanns are not Terriers they should not be called Pinschers.

Where does the miniature Doberman pinscher originated from?

from Germany

Is the miniature Pinscher the smaller version of the Doberman?

Infact no. The Miniture Pinscher may look like the smaller version of a Doberman but it isn't. The Miniture Pinscher was created 100 years before the Doberman even exited! -Caitlyn101 *This fact was from the popular tv show Dogs101.

How Many species of a Doberman are there?

There is only one species of Dobermann - the Dobermann Pinscher. However, there are two different recognised Pinscher breeds: the Miniature Pinscher and the German Pinscher.

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What would win in a fight Doberman or Japanese akita?

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