Which is the Carpenters most remembered and famous song?

In US iTunes, "(They Long to Be) Close to You" is, as of 1/1/2008, their most downloaded song, and the 1991 remix is in 10th place. It is also the top song in UK, Australia, Italy, and France iTunes. In Germany it was third, but also sixth (from a different album). In Canada, it came after "Merry Christmas Darling," which was likely temporary. Also, Googling ["Close to You" Carpenters] gets over 1,000,000 hits, versus under 300,000 for ["Only Just Begun" Carpenters] or [Superstar Carpenters]. (Googling just [Close Carpenters] reduces that, for some reason, to 585,000.) They had other songs that reached #1 in the US, though not for four weeks, but this song was a big hit in many countries and seems, to answer the question, the song for which they are most remembered. Close to You, Please Mr. Postman, We've Only Just Begun, were all no. 1s. Superstar is considered very famous, because it was redone on American Idol.