Which is the best pet

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== == You must first think all of the following: *How much space do you have for the pet

*How much time you can dedicate to it

*How much money you can use in it (food, housing, vet occasionally) In order from more to less space needed: *Dogs


*Rodents (rabbits, hamsters, etc)

*Fishes and reptiles

*Birds In order of more to less time needed to give to your pet: *Dogs




*Fishes and reptiles

In order of more to less costs: *Dogs


*Fishes and reptiles



In order of who will provide you company from more to less: *Dogs




*Fishes and reptiles

You should get a dog since you can have a live alarm clock, teach it tricks, and other stuff.

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Q: Which is the best pet
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Who is your best pet animal?

if you are looking for the best pet then a hamster is the perfect pet

Are cats the best pet?

Yes! They are the best pet Ever!

What is the best classroom pet?

the best classroom pet is a hamster

Which small household-pet is the best?

a dog is the best kind of pet because they are loveable, and fun to have as a pet

What are the best pet games to play on the computer?

the best pet game is either moshi monsters or on pet ville

What is the best pet mouse?

the best mouse to keep for a pet is female fancy mouse

What is the best pet pet park server?

The cheet code for best pet pet park server is up,down,left,right,double down,then press the numbers 113847729384722 then type in my best pet and you win but dont do it to fast but do it slowly

How do you decide which pet is best for you?

Research pets and learn more about them so you will know which pet is best for you.

What is the best pet for very busy people?

A pet peeve.

What is the Best pet for an 11 yr old?

a pet rat

What is the best pet you can get?

You can not ask this on an answer site because everybody has their own favorite pet. The answer will be changed many many times and it will be someone telling you their favorite pet. You have to figure out what would be the best pet for you by considering the following: What am I looking for in a pet? How much time do i have for a pet? How much money do i have for a pet? How much care am I willing to give? Will I be able to have this pet for how ever long it lives? Will i be able to pay for this pet in the long run? and so on So to you, person wondering the best pet you can get, you will have to think over many questions like this to figure out what pet would actually be the best pet that you could get. Because everybody is different and nobody can tell you exactly what would be best except for you.

What is the best pet bird?

Dove is the best pet bird because we can used it as a messenger. By B.S.BHAGYA SREE

What bird is the best pet?


What is the best Hunter Pet on World of Warcraft?

I find that the best tanking pet would be a bear or an ape. The best instance/dps pet would be a cat a scorpion or a raptor. The best PvP pet would be a plainstrider because of the blinding ability or a spider because of the net they can make.

What is the best pet for an elderly person?

Any loyal and helpful pet.

What kind of lizard makes a great pet?

The best pet is an iguanna

What type of bunny is the best to have as a pet pet?

i think a mini-lop

Would a camel make a good pet?

no it would be the best pet

What is the best aquarium pet?

The best aquarium pet, is the one that fits your lifestyle and attention and is accepted by your culture and laws.

What is the best pet for a girl a dog or a cat?

it depends on the person. If Shes a cat person then a cat is the best pet for them if she is a dog person then a dog is the best pet for her duhhhh

What is the best brand of pet health insurance?

There are a few different pet insurance products that are available. For the best coverage, you want to look for a company that will let you customize the rates and coverage you want for your pet. The best company i found is 24 Pet Watch. They have very reasonable rates with the best coverage.

Are kougras the best Neopet?

There is actually no best pet in neopets. It's just opinion. Like I think Kikos are the BEST! Since if you start out with a weak pet or dumb pet you can give it training at training schools,give it books to read, or just zap it to get some hit points,strength,defence,and speed. So you can end up from the weakest pet to the Strongest pet or the dumbest pet to Smartest pet.

What are some names of pet stores? is your source for the best pet accessories online. Their shop carries independent pet supply brands for the best unique dog and cat items. ht tps://

What is the best pet you can have?

I think that dogs are the best pet you can have because they are a man best friend and thay are very active, but also a lot of fun and are very playful :)

What is the best pet trantuall to have?

the best beginners is a rose hair