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Which is the better exercise walking or riding a bike?


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March 04, 2013 12:27PM


Depends on what you mean by better.

Biking is better if you want to go places, as you're moving faster.

If you need to carry things, a bike lets you put stuff on the rack, in a basket or in a pannier.

But moving at speed means there's a higher risk if you should fall.

And of course you need a bike and somewhere to ride it.

Walking is better, as there's no bike to worry about. It's just about always possible to find somewhere to walk. And if you should fall, there's less risk of injury.

From an exercise perspective, it's not about what you do, it's about how hard and how long you keep at it.

Whether if you ride yourself sweaty and winded, or walk yourself sweaty and winded, you get the same amount of exercise for the same time spent exercising.


It depends on what you're trying to do and your needs.

Walking is an "exercise" that humans have used forever. It involves quite a few muscles and seems to be the ultimate in weight loss and cardio health.

However, cycling is a close second and if you have knee, hip or foot problems, cycling has the advantage of putting low force on those joints while still giving you a reasonable amount of cardio workout... but you have to "push it" to get the benefit.


Walking is a weight-bearing activity. When you walk, your body uses its own weight to add resistance, thus increasing muscular activity. The body also uses its own weight against gravity when you walk. When cycling, the body weight is supported, and you use fewer muscles then when walking.


Biking is better than walking. This one thing I know, that I walked for years while fighting cancer and my cancer markers stayed the same, that is within five points. I began a spinning and biking exercise program proximately five months ago, and for the first time in almost six years my cancer markers have dropped dramatically. The difference between biking and walking is how much exertion you put forth. While walking it is pretty much at a steady pace. When spinning and biking you have intermittent periods where you get into not only an aerobic state but also into anaerobic periods for short a time. It is my experience that it is this tremendous burst of energy and higher heart rates that make you sweat and the blood pump through your body, that is so essential. I can say for myself that it has made all the difference in the world towards my immune system and cancer markers going down.