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Which is the biggest MNC in India as per the latest data?


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Which is the biggest MNC in India as per the latest data?"


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you can access MNC companies list at you can filter the search by using MNC, year and city. Also find list of New MNC companies in india, FDI data india

Patni computers was the first MNC of India.

yes lakme is an mnc from India

yes amway is an mnc in India from 1998 is surely one mnc..........

ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) - the public sector oil and natural gas company is the biggest Indian MNC.

the people of both the hemispheres are indians.. that's the biggest similarity. they are always selected by mnc for jobs..

No, its not an MNC. Its does have small offices abroad but it runs all the operations from India. It hardly has 2000 employes.

of course it is! and a big one at that... but us in India have a habbit of using the term 'mnc' only for companies based abroad.

MNC stands for Multinational Company. There are many in India. Some MNCs include Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, PepsiCo, Ranbaxy, Coca-Cola, and Proctor & Gamble.

There are approx 30,000 pharmaceutical and bioproducts companies in India including the MNC`s working in India.

There are at least two MNC companies in Pithampur. They are Medi-Caps Ltd, and Shakti Pumps India, Ltd.

If any MNC works in INDIA it will countibute to INDIAS GDP and it countibutes in parent countries GNP.

...BY:TOP 10 MNC Management In India * Hewlett-Packard * IBM * Ingram Micro * CISCO * Oracle * Intel * Accenture * Microsoft * SAP * Dell

first modern MNC in the world was east India company .. founded in 1600 London under the name Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies

Einfochips has only sales offices globally. All engineering work is done in India.

nokia is an mnc because it is operated in more than one country and produces a turnover of about 100milion dollars. Its head quarters is in Japan but it ha its own branches in India, America, Oman etc...

It is indeed, of the Colgate-Palmolive MNC

yes. It has companies and products all over the world. eg- a part of it in India in called 'Hindustan Unilever'

Multinational corporations, or MNC, benefit India by bringing in large amounts of foreign capital for investments. MNCs also help raise the level of expertise in a country by bringing in experts from other areas. Beyond that, MNCs can also create competition locally that will benefit innovation and consumers.

MNC means multi-national company.

INC_Incorporation MNC-Multinational Company

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