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Which is the highest river valley project in the world?

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which is the highest river in the world?


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Q: Which is the highest river valley project in the world?
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What is the conclusion of multipurpose river valley project?

The world is tremendously in need of drinking water and each river valley project is worth of double of it. When electricity flows from the projects, it illuminates the world and make the industries more productive that can meet the increased population.

What is the introduction to the multipurpose River Valley Project?

Multipurpose river valley project have been developed all over the world to utilize water.The dams or a series of dams are constructed across the river for storing water. This stored water are then used for generating hydro-electricity ,afforestation,control floods, navigation etc.

Where in the world was the Indus Valley Civilsation?

Indus River Valley, India.

What is the highest navigable river in the world?

The St. Joe River in Idaho

What is the river that has the highest discharge in the world?

the amazon

What is the name of the river with the highest discharge in the world?

I believe it's the Amazon river in Brazil.

Where are the river valleys of the Muslim World located?

name important valley in muslim world?

What is a good thesis sentence for this topic mesopomita v nile river valley?

The Nile River is the longest river in the world.

What is a rIver valley and what is it near?

A river valley is near a river and provides the necessities for stable life style to occur due to fertile lands. It is where civilizations first started in the world. Example, Mesopotamia.

Hinduism first developed in which part of the world?

Indus River Valley

What were characteristics that all four river valley civilizations had in common?

describe four river valley civilization in the world and why they developed near water

What is the most significant contribution of the river valley civilizations to the world?

the develoed yramids .

WHERE did Britain and France fight in the World War 2?

ohio river valley

What river has the highest waterfall?

The highest waterfall in the world is located in Venezuela and is 979 meters high, or 3,212 feet. The river that feeds this waterfall is called Gauja.

Which president had the highest dam in the world on Colorado river named after him?


What landforms isolated the eastern river valley civilizations from other parts of the world?


Where did Hinduism first develop in the world?

The religion first developed in the Indus River Valley.

Did many of the accomplishments of the river valley civilization have lasting effects that are fundamental to world history today?

Are you retarded? You'd better thank the river valley civilizations for everything you have. You're an ignorant moron.

What is the the highest waterfall in Africa?

The Tugela Falls located on the Tugela river in South Africa is the highest waterfall on the African continent and also the second highest in the world. The Victoria Falls located on the Zambezi river between Zambia and Zimbabwe is considered the biggest waterfall in the world.

What is the largest country in the world named after a river?

India-- it's named after the Indus Valley River, one of the first civilizations ever.

What is the similarity between river valley and classical civilizations for world history?

they were all located along the same river systems. <--------This is GOLd!!

What is deepest valley in world?

The Arun Valley in Nepal is the deepest valley in the world. For reference, you can check the book, The Arun : a natural history of the world's deepest valley by Edward W Cronin in the year 1979. ISBN: 9780395262993 To know more about arun river that make arun valley in sankhuwasava District, Trekking trip also available to explore arun valley Explore the deepest valley in the world "The Arun valley"

The people in the Indus River Valley were the first people in the ancient world to?

develop a writing system

What has allowed Nepal and Bhutan to remain somewhat sheltered from the outside world?

indus river valley

Who explored the St Lawrence Valley?

Jacques Cartier was sponsored by France to start a French colony in the New World. He explored that St. Lawrence River Valley.