Which is the most trusted website to buy Texas holdem poker chips?

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September 13, 2011 1:10PM

Before anything i made some research on the poker forums and on the web and learned a few things about the poker chips selling sites.One is that there are some ,but very few ,with prices smaller then the normal and that these are not very well recommended by anybody because they are either scammers or they have very poor quality services(like for example i had to wait one time for 3 days to get my chips!! and that wasn' t very nice!)

And then there are the sites with not such small prices but with excellent service ,immediate answer,great online support, all types of payment accepted!!(this is something important too...stay away from the sites that ask you western union payment) and the greatest thing is that they also have very quick delivery ,like in 5 minutes or so:) wich is great because you can buy now and 5 minutes later play!...not wait for days as on other sites that attract people with incredibly low prices just to fool them.

These are the most important things I've learned from my experience as a poker player and as a chips buyer ,i hope they can help you.