Which is the ring finger for woman?


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The ring finger for the girl is her on her left hands second finger, the one near the small finger on the left hand.

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The ring finger of the left hand. The finger by the pinkie.

because it is called the wedding ring finger. i think

on the ring finger on the left hand. the fingr beside the middle one

Is it that a mans ring finger is longer than his index finger and a womans index finger is longer than her ring finger?

If it's on the left, you're married. If a woman wears what's obviously a wedding ring on her *right* ring finger, it can mean she's widowed.

it means she like wearing rings on that finger and she's not married.

She's usually wearing a ring on her ring finger! Ask her.

A ring on the middle finger is something asexual people do, not lesbians. Though a homoromantic asexual woman could wear a ring on her middle finger and still be gay.

It means that that was the finger she chose to put her ring on that day it means she ditched you

Finger next to the middle finger Because it was believed that the vein from that finger ran directly to the heart.

Woman wear their wedding rings on their left hand ring finger and so do men in most of the Western World. Although in Europe they are known to use the right hand finger next to the pinky finger. The reason escapes me.

One, on the left-hand ring finger. Engaged women would wear one ring, however on the right-hand ring finger.

left and next to pinky finger

On your ring finger, or the finger next to your little finger.

Your ring finger is the finger between your middle finger and your pinky.

A telephone has a ring and no finger. ??

A telephone can ring and it does not have a finger. Also, a church bell can ring without a finger.

The finger between your ring finger and your pointer finger is your middle finger.

The fourth finger of the left hand is tradtionally the 'ring finger' this the finger next to the pinkie on the left hand. Anyway, the ring finger is the finger between your pinkie and middle finger. If you are going to give someone a ring though, make sure you put it on their left hand, ring finger.

In North America, it is not customary for the man to wear an engagement ring. However, if a couple decides to break from the norm, the ring is to be worn on the same finger as the female, that being the ring finger of the left hand. In some cultures and in certain parts of the world, the man and/or woman would wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the right hand and then make the switch after they are officially married.

the right ring finger....

Actually from what i herd Women wear there wedding ring on their left ring finger. <><><> What you may have seen is not a wedding ring, but a ring worn by Jewish women indicating that they are engaged to be married. Like a wedding ring, it is a solid ring of precious metal.

A woman would wear a ring on her middle finger because she likes how it looks. __________________________________________________ If it is black, it means that that person is asexual. Asexuality is not feeling sexual attraction and should not be confused with asexual reproduction.

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