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Which is the smallest invertebrate?

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its the fairyfly within 1 millimeter short

the doof who wrote that is wrong by a long shot! its is a cell

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What is the worlds smallest invertebrate?

the worlds smallest invertebrate is the ant within 6 millimeter...

What is smallest sea creature?

plankton, a microscopic invertebrate

What is the smallest sea creature?

Zooplankton. It's a microscopic invertebrate.

What is the smallest animal-?

The smallest animal is the tardigrade which is an eight-legged invertebrate that lives in the water. The smallest mammal might be the Kitti's hog-nosed bat.

What is the world's smallest invertebrate?

I'm quite sure that must me the Rotifera with an average size of 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters.

Is a grasshopper vertebrate or invertebrate?


Is a mussel an invertebrate or vertebrate?

An invertebrate.

Is a oyster vertebrate or invertebrate?


Is a dragonfly an invertebrate?

It is an invertebrate 

Is a duck an invertebrate?

No it is not an invertebrate.

Is a centipede an invertebrate or vertebrate?

invertebrateyes a centipede is an invertebrate animal

Are oysters vertebate or invertebrate?

An invertebrate is an animal with no spine. An oyster is an invertebrate.

Sentence for invertebrate?

He's such an invertebrate. This case displays several of our resident invertebrate species.

What feature makes an invertebrate an invertebrate?

An invertebrate doesnt have a backbone. A vertebrate has a backbone.

Is a bee a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A Bee is an Invertebrate.A bee had an exoskeleton so it is an invertebrate.

Is a owl vertebrate or invertebrate?

An owl is an invertebrate .

Is a molds vertebrate or invertebrate?

Its invertebrate, molds are bacteria or germs

Is a chimpanzee an invertebrate?

No a chimpanzee is not a invertebrate.

Is a butterfly an invertebrate or vertebrate?

they are invertebrate

Is a mosquito an invertebrate or vertebrate?


Starfish vertebrate or invertebrate?


Is a butterfly a invertebrate or vertebrate?


Is a snail a invertebrate or a vertebrate?

an invertebrate

Is a worm an invertebrate or vertebrate?


Is a scorpion vertabarte or invertebrate?


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