Which is the the only moving tree in the world?

ONLY moving tree ..don't know..but have some info. about that you may like this.

As the UK's leading tree moving/tree relocation contractors, Nature First Ltd have the experience and capability ensure that your transplanted trees continue to thrive in their new location.

Whether it is an 85cm diameter tree spade for lifting and moving trees in the nursery or Europe's largest tree spade with a massive 3m diameter rootball weighing nearly 12 tonnes, you can rely on Nature First to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Specialist tree moving equipment designed by Nature First's tree moving experts can be used to move or relocate even the largest trees.

If there is the opportunity to undercut the tree roots at least one growing season before transplanting or relocating, the above tree sizes can be increased. The girth is measured as the circumference of the tree 1metre above ground level.

Nature First have tree spades in the following sizes:

85cm diameterMounted on skid steer loader or tractor 3 point linkage1.1m diameterMounted on JCB 3CX or 4CX excavator1.6m diameterMounted on Bedford TM 4X4 17 tonne truck fitted with low ground pressure tyres or Volvo loading

shovel2.1m diameterMounted on Foden 6X6 28 tonne truck3.0m diameterMounted on 10X8 38 tonne truck

Nature First transplant trees throughout the UK and Europe....