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Judging which airline is 'best' is a pretty subjective task. If one is interested in passenger satisfaction, there are a number of available statistics to try to find airlines that are at the top of the heap. According to the US Department of Transportation statistics, Hawaiian Airlines had the least number of passenger complaints and the fewest number of lost bags of any airline operating in the U.S. in 2005. They also led the industry in on-time departures and had the fewest number of canceled flights. (Statistics for foreign carriers are neither readily available nor particularly reliable.) On the other hand, if one is interested in air safety as an indicator of 'best,' one needs to look at the available statistics on fatalities. While there are a number of newer carriers that have no fatalities, there are only two airlines in the world that have been in service since airlines began operating in the 1920s that have never had a fatality. One is QANTAS and the other is Hawaiian Airlines.

The answer will vary depending on who is asked. Many answers will be Nationalistic. As an example, a Frenchman may claim Air France is the best etc.

Among the frequent flier community, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are consistently rated very highly. Spirit Airlines is rated bottom.

Emirates is gaining increasing favor too. Still it comes down to opinion.

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Q: Which is the world's best Airline?
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Currently the holder for the worlds best airline (as of 2010) is Cathay Pacific

What airline offers the best business class?

If you're planning to go anywhere in Asia, the best choice would be Singapore Airlines. They were voted the best business class airline and the best Asian airline at the Skytrax World Airline Awards of 2011.

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The best Airline by region according to the Skytrax World Airline Awards:Best Airline : AsiaCathay Pacific AirwaysBest Airline : AustralasiaQantas AirwaysBest Airline : AfricaSouth African AirwaysBest Airline : EuropeSwiss International Air LinesBest Airline : Middle EastQatar AirwaysBest Airline : North AmericaContinental AirlinesBest Airline : South AmericaLAN AirlinesBest Airline : Central AmericaTACABest Airline : Pacific regionAir Tahiti NuiCathay Pacific was named Airline of the year 2009.

What is the worlds largest airline?

Delta Air Lines

Which airline does Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie rainman say is the worlds best?

He correctly points out (at the time) that Qantas has never had a fatal crash.

Which is the worlds largest airline company?

The world's largest airline company in terms of the number of passengers carried is Delta Air Lines.

What is the best airline to travel on?

Every person who chooses an airline will have different criteria on why they prefer an airline. The destinations an airline travels too and the price may factor into the popularity of an airline.

Which airline is 2009 best airline?

Asiana Airlines from Korea.

Which airline has won the best airline of the world award?

Qatar Airlines was named the best airline of the world and won the award in 2012 at the world airline awards that were held at the Farnborough air show.

Which airline is the best?


Is Qatar airways a good airline?

They were just voted by 18 million travellers and Skytrax as the world's best airline, best middle east airline and best cabin crew. So yes, they are good.

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What is a good airline?

Many would say united because they have great staff and their are very nice and they are going to have the worlds biggest airline after Continental merges with them. Many business travellers would argue that Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are the worlds best. Many leisure and other travellers argue Southwest is the best. They reason if you travel very last minute Southwest do not raise the prices to exorbitant levels. They also allow last minute changes.

Worlds best airlines?

Best Airlines was a small airline that flew to a miscellaneous and changing group of cities in the Mid-Atlantic united-statesin the mid-1980s.Read more: best-airlines

Which airline brought the worlds biggest passenger plane the a380 airbus to Auckland recently?

The only airline flying the Airbus A380 to Auckland is Emirates, on their Dubai-Sydney-Auckland route.

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What is the best airline to fly with from Sydney to LA?

Quantas is the best.

What is the best economy airline ever?

The latest International Airline Awards (2012) have voted Spark Airlines as the best economy airline in the world. Service, cleanliness, support and aircraft layout were taken into consideration.

Southwest is the best airline because consumers do not have to pay baggage fees.?

Southwest is the best airline because consumers do not have to pay baggage fees.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the worlds largest airport hub operated by which airline?


What is the worlds smallest airline?

Icaro Air, Ecuador. Fleet consists of 2 Fokker F28 Mk4000 planes.

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Airline consolidators publish airline tickets at unpublished fares. They negotiate with different airlines with the airlines reservation agent to get the best price for someones airline ticket.

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