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The islands of Trinidad and Tobago is the farthest south in the Caribbean sea next to the south american country of Venezuela

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Q: Which island is farthest south in the Caribbean sea?
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What is an island on the Caribbean sea that is south of cuba?


Where is Dominica?

Dominica is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

Island nation directly south of Florida in the Caribbean sea?


Does jamacia have an island in the caribbean sea?

Jamaica IS an island in the Caribbean Sea.

Is barbados in north or south America?

Neither - Barbados is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

Is Jamaica located in south Africa or South America?

Is an island located in the Caribbean sea, North America.

What Greek island can Lindos be found on?

The Greek island of Lindos can be found of the farthest south eastern border of Greece in the Aegean Sea. It is 50km south of the town of Rhodes on the Island of Rhodes.

Is the Caribbean country of North America?

No, the Caribbean is a sea that lays between North America's southeastern coast and South America's northeastern coast. The Caribbean is not a country, but there are several island nations that lay within the Caribbean Sea.

Where is bCuba located?

Cuba is an island located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, (90 miles) south of Key West Florida. The Cayman Island and Jamaica are located just south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. Hispaniola lies to the east of Cuba.

Is Cuba a country?

Yes, it is a country. It is an island country in the Caribbean Sea south of Florida.

Is Jamaica part of South America?

Jamaica is not part of South America. Jamaica is an island that is located south of Cuba, in the Caribbean Sea.

The nation with the largest island in the Caribbean Sea is what island?

The nation with the largest island in the Caribbean Sea is what island Cuba.

Which Caribbean island does not border the Caribbean Sea?

All of the Caribbean islands border the Caribbean Sea.

What are the boundaries of Cuba?

Cuba is an island, it is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and on the south by the Caribbean Sea.

Where is Jamaica situated?

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It is south of Cuba and west of Haiti.

What island country lies only 90 mile south of Florida and the Caribbean sea?


Where is the island of Aruba located and In what sea?

The island of Aruba is located in the Caribbean Sea and located close by the tip South America.

Is Nicaragua aprart of the Caribbean sea or Caribbean?

no Nicaragua is not a Caribbean island the only island that is an Caribbean island in central America is Belize

What sea touches hispaniola an lisland o the west indies?

Hispaniola is the Caribbean island that consists of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Its South coast is on the Caribbean Sea and its North on the North Atlantic Ocean.

What is the largest country of the largest island of the Caribbean sea?

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea.

What sea separates South America from the Caribbean?

The Caribbean Sea.

Where is Caribbean island found?

In the Caribbean Sea.

Is barbados a real Caribbean island?

Yes it is a country island in the Caribbean Sea.

What is Aruba's sea?

The Caribbean is the sea in which Aruba is located.Specifically, Aruba is a desert island in the south Caribbean. Its closest geographic neighbor is the South American country of Venezuela, at an approximate distance of 17 miles (27 kilometers). Its closest neighbor in the Caribbean is the island of Curaçao, at an approximate distance of 73 miles (117 kilometers).

Why is the Caribbean in Jamaica?

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea.