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Hawaii is the name of the largest of the islands making up the state of Hawaii. It is often called the "big island" to avoid confusion.

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The Island of Hawaii is the largest Hawaiian Island.

Known locally as "The Big Island", the largest island in the State of Hawaii is- Hawaii.

The big Island of Hawaii.Hawaii is the largest island of Hawaii

The island of Hawaii aka The Big Island

No Asutralia is he largest island

Hawaii is the largest of the "main" Hawaiian Islands.

No, Hawaii which is also called the Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

The Island of Hawaii is the largest island.

The Big Island of Hawaii.

Hawai'i is the largest island.

The largest Island is Hawaii. It is also known as the Big Island.

Hawaii, the Big Island, is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

The largest island in Hawaii is called.... Hawaii or aka the big island. The other islands are oahu, maui, kauai, lanai, molokai, and niihau. Hawaii or the big island as it is known to locals, is the only island with an active volcano

Of the eight main islands comprising the state of Hawaii (Kahoolawe, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Niihau, Oahu, and the "Big Island" of Hawaii), the island of Hawaii is the largest and Oahu has the largest population.

Honolulu on the Island of Oahu and Hilo on the Island of Hawaii.

Is the largest and southernmost of the Hawaiian Island chain.

It is officially the Big Island or Hawaii.

The largest volcanic island in the world is Sumatra which is the sixth largest island in the world. It is in Indonesia.

Hawaii's biggest island is called hawaii.

No, Oahu is the third largest Hawaiian Island and Honolulu is the largest City on Oahu.

Yes, Hawaii is an island. It is the largest of the 8 main Hawaiian islands, also known as the Big Island.

The Island of Hawaii or the Big Island as it is known.

No, Honolulu is the largest city and the Capital city of the Hawaian Islands and is located on Oahu, the third largest Island of the Hawaiian Island group. Maui is an Island and the second largest island and Hilo is the second largest city located on the Island of Hawaii, which is the largest island.

Hawaii, also known as the Big Island.

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