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biometric data

credit card number

social security number

alien registration number


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Personally identifiable information is any information that helps to identify a particular individual. Social Security numbers, home addresses and first and last names can all do that. Birthdays do not.

The brain and the heart and lungs are protected by bones.

#1 If you don't need the information, don't collect it. #2 If you do collect the information, store it securely using at least one lock (either a file drawer or an office lock, for example) #3 Don't let anyone have access to the information who does not have a specific and legitimate need to see the information. #4 When you no longer need the information, destroy it in a complete manner, such as using an incinerator or a cross-cut shredder.

Some examples of landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, or the Great Pyramids. They are readily identifiable structures which can be easily seen.

list examples of the kinds of actions or qualities of character you bring to the workplace and is personally proud of?

Some of the different examples of information are reports. Photographs give you information, as well as people telling you things verbally.

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Two examples of inadequate information in a market are lack of information on product quality and lack of information on product pricing. When sellers and buyers do not have the same information it leads to inadequate information.

A familiar language is any language which you may use or understand personally.

what are the different examples of expert support system in types of information system

The earth can be protected by plating of more vegetation and cover crops. Examples planting of trees.

what are examples of information-gathering technologies

An information system is used to collect, filter, process, create and distribute data. Examples of information systems are: transaction processing systems, management information systems and decision-support systems.

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manual and computer-based information systems?

Anything that has to do with High Importance

There are various examples of information systems. A few of the examples are enlisted below: 1. Bank transaction processing systems 2. Knowledge management systems in educational setups 3. Database management systems in offices and libraries etc. 4. Office information systems 5.Stock control information system

data is not accurate.. where information is so accurate

clown fish and sea anemones- clown fish benefit by having a protected home territory.

There is no protected mode in the 8085 microprocessor, therefore, there are no instructions that are considered privileged.

No; many are protected by patent law. See the Google patent search below for examples.

The examples of marketing information system include equipment, people, strategies and so much more. These refers to the systems that are used for purposes of marketing.

computers internet mobile phones

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