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Which kingdom do humans belong?

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Humans belong to the mammal group because humans and mammals give milk to there young and they have fur

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What kingdom do humans belong?

Humans belong in the kingdom Animalia.

What kingdom humans belong to?

The humans belong to the homonids.

Which kingdom do humans belong to?

Humans are members of the Kingdom: Animalia.

What kingdom of life do you belong to?

All humans belong to the Animal kingdom in the Eukarya domain.

What kingdom do humans belong to?


What kingdom do the humans belong?


What kindom do humans belong to?

The Mammal kingdom

How does humans belong to the protista kingdom?

They don't.

What is the importance of animalia to humans?

Animalia is the Kingdom of organisms humans belong to!

What kind kingdom does pig belong?

Taxonomically, pigs belong to Kingdom Animalia, same as sea urchins and humans.

Which subphylum do humans belong to?

Humans belong to the Kingdom of Animalia. The Phylum they belong to is Chordata, while the subphylum is Vertebrata. They belong to the class Mammalia and the Subclass Theria.

What kingdom does man belong to?

Humans are members of the Animal Kingdom if that is what you meant by your question.

What is the kingdom to which humans belong?

Human beings are classified as members of the animal kingdom.

What kingdom do humans belong to and why?

Animalia as man possess all characters of kingdom.

Why do human have animal cells?

Humans belong to the kingdom animalia. All life in this kingdom are considered animals including humans

What kingdom does a starfish belong to?

Same kingdom as humans. Invertebrates phylum of Echinoderms, specific Asteroidea.

What class in the animal kingdom do humans belong in?

mammal, rational biped

In the scientific system of classification what is the highest level?

The highest level is kingdom. Humans belong to the animal kingdom.

What wild kingdom family do horses belong to?

there are 5 kingdoms: animalia, plantae, fungi, Monera protista horses belong to (as well as humans) to the animalia kingdom

Which kingdom do humans belong to and why?

according to five kingdom classification system, humans are placed in kingdom animalia because human poccess the properties of that kingdom.. as they cannot manufacture their own food (heterotrophs),and have the ability of locomotion and their mode of nutrition is ingestion....

What kingdom does soybeans belong to?

They belong to the plant kingdom.

What kingdom does the tapeworm belong to?

THey belong to the kingdom Cestoda

What kingdom does a virus belong?

Virus's do not belong to a Kingdom.

What kingdom do ferns belong to?

they belong to the plantae kingdom

What kingdom does seaweed belong?

They belong to the kingdom protista.

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