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Q: Which kryptonite would kill Ultraman
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Can Kryptonite kill Superman?

Yes, Kryptonite can kill Superman.

What can kill Superman?


Can white kryptonite kill Superman?

No, White Kryptonite cannot kill Superman. White Kryptonite is only deadly to plant life but not to other living beings.

What mineral can kill Superman?


What are all the colors of kryptonite?

All of the colors of Kryptonite would include Green Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite, Black Kryptonite, Blue Kryptonite, Gold Kryptonite, White Kryptonite, Yellow Kryptonite, Silver Kryptonite, Pink Kryptonite and Purple Kryptonite.

Who would win ultraman or Godzilla in a fight?

Godzilla would stomp ultraman

Who can kill Superman?

Anyone who has kryptonite and exposes him to it.

What element could kill Superman?


How do you kill Superman?

You kill him with kryptonite- many have tried it and all have failed.

Who is ultraman the strongest ultraman?

The Strongest ultraman is Ultraman king And Ultraman Zero

Who would win in a fight Superman or X-Men?

If we're assuming you can't kill Superman without Kryptonite, then no, because the X-men don't have anything at all related to Kryptonite.

Why does kryptonite kill Superman?

Type your answer here... because it is potion to him

Can Kryptonite kill Superwoman?

Probably, she has almost the same forces as Superman.

Which superhero can kill Superman?

Presumably any superhero could if they had Kryptonite.

Can you kill Superman?

If you have kryptonite and manage to keep him exposed to it for a very long time.

Who can kill super man?

the punisher with a kryptonite missle and plenty of AP rounds.

How do you get zoffy in ultraman fighting evolution 3?

Beat battle mode using Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, and Ultraman Taro in order.

Who is the strongest ultraman?

ultraman zero is the strongest

How many Ultraman are there?

Actually....There are about 1397 Ultraman.

When was The Ultraman created?

The Ultraman was created in 1979.

Is there such thing as red kryptonite?

Sadly, no. Red kryptonite is a form of green kryptonite that passed through an atomic space cloud, altering its effects on Superman, or anyone who was born on Krypton and and lives on Earth. Where green kryptonite can kill Superman, the red kryptonite has a varied effect on him. It can be as humorous as letting his hair grow out, to something very serious, like turn him into a homicidal maniac. The effects last about one hour, and once exposed, he can no longer succumb to that particular chunk of red kryptonite. I say "sadly," because if red kryptonite did exist, that means Superman would exist. And, personally speaking, living in a world with Superman would be very exciting and interesting.

Is ultraman mebius better or ultraman zero?


What is the duration of Ultraman?

The duration of Ultraman is 1440.0 seconds.

How can someone killed Superman?

They can use kryptonite and form it into a sharp piece of kryptonite, a kryptonite sword, a kryptonite blade, or a gun that shoots kryptonite bullets.

Who has tried to kill Superman with a kryptonite bullet?

Metallo has tried in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies