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Which laser type is used in laser printer?


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Generally, a red (or perhaps infrared) laser is used. The laser "etches" the image onto a photosensitive cylinder inside the printer.

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A monochrome laser printer is used for printing in one color: black.

Color photo paper can be used in a laser printer as long as you use paper that is heat resilient. An example of this type of paper is called laser paper.

The laser printer uses toner.

That is the printer type. Ink jet printers take ink cartridges and laser printers take laser toner cartridges.

Laser printers work faster then ink type.

First developed at Xerox PARC by Gary Starkweather and released in 1971, a laser printer is a type of printer that utilizes laser technology to print images on the paper. Laser printers are often used in corporate, school, and other environments that require print jobs to be completed quickly and in large quantities. To the right is an example of what a laser printer may look like. This picture is of the Lexmark C782n laser printer. Finally, below is a chart of the steps a laser printer takes to print.

cylinux lasers.. it can make the printer. faster and more better.

there are three type of printer which are these: dot matrix printer ink jet printer laser jet printer

A B&W Laser Printer prints in black and white. It is a monochrome printer, or one colored printer. B&W Laser Printers are often used in businesses where color is not needed.

The speed of laser printer can be determined by ppm ( print per page)

Depend on type of Printer. A laser, LED or electrostatic printer, YES. Dot matrix or Thermal Printer, No.

what is the difference between inkjet printer and laser printer

An inkjet of laser would be suitable to print airline tickets.

The type of toner that is used most commonly for laser jet printers is black toner. Hewlitt Packard is the most famous maker of this toner, as they are the leading laser jet printer producer in the world.

The printer gets a copy of the file that you would like to print. Then, it uses a laser to copy it on a paper. Finally, the printer prints the item you want.

A laser printer. A typical toner cartridge for a laser printer yields around 8,000 pages of text.

the laser printer was invented in 1969 dumbasses

The HP Laser Printer is a printer produced by HP. It uses laser technology to work more efficiently than the previous prototypes. Because of this new technology, the printer is best used to mass-produce papers. There are also subdivisions of the HP Laser Printers, which are: HP Laser Jet 4000, HP Laser Jet 4050, and HP Laser Jet 4250.

If you have an HP laser printer, I suggest you buy it directly from HP online store. I find it cheaper to get laser printer cartridges from them for my HP laser printer. If you have a different brand of laser printer, amazon is a good place to start if you're looking for a cheaper laser printer cartridge.

The laser uses a resinous dry toner powder.

A wireless inkjet printer is different than a laser printer in that a inkjet printer uses ink to print on the paper and a laser printer photocopies it onto the paper.

You can search on and see what type of laser printer cartridge fits your printer. You can also get reviews on what you like to buy so you can make the right choice and not make any mistakes.

To print on paper using laser printer technology.

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