Which letter in the English alphabet has the least number of words beginning with it?

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English alphabet 'X' has the least number of words beginning with it.
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What are some words you shout that begin with each letter of the alphabet?

A-Awesomee!. B-bless you, BINGO!. C-Cheers!. D-dang!. E-ENCORE!. F-forget about it!!. G-GOO!!. H-help! hurry!. I-idiot!. J-jump!. K-kiss mee!. L-loser!. M-marry me ! merry christmas. N-NO!. O-oh bob saget! oww!. P-POOP! peee weee. Q-Quit It!. R-raise the roof!. S-shut up! stop! shh ( Full Answer )

Least used letter in the alphabet?

This is a list of the frequencies of letters used in the English Alphabet, E being the most used and Z being the least used. E T A O I N S H R D L U C M F G Y P W B V K X J Q Z Z is used 0.07% of the time in the English Language.

What word uses at least every letter of the alphabet?

There isn't a word that uses every letter of the alphabet. The Guinness Book of World Records gives this as the shortest sentence to use all 26 letters "Mr Jock, T.V.Quiz Ph.D, bags few lynx."

What is the least used letter of the alphabet?

Z is the least used letter in the alphabet. Answer Actually, according to a full scan of the 11th edition Concise Oxford Dictionary, the least used letter was Q. Z is sometimes said, and X is also sometimes said, but think about how many words have the prefix -EX.

What is a letter in the English alphabet?

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. A 'letter' is a grapheme in an alphabetic system of writing.

English words start with the letters coming from the alphabet a to z?

Unlike other world languages, English has a very limited use of letter variants, which include diacritics and punctuated letters. The only punctuation regularly used is the apostrophe, indicating the position of removed letters in contractions. (e.g. don't, he's)

Foods beginning with the letters of the alphabet?

What is your question?. A - Apple, Anchovies . B - Beef, Beans, Butter, Baklava, Bell peppers . C - Cake, Corn, Cream, Candy, Cookies, Cheese, Chicken, Chocolate . D - Dates . E - egg . F - Fish, Figs . G - Green Beans . H - Ham, Honey, Halvah . I - Ice Cream . J - Jello, Juice . K - kiwi ( Full Answer )

A Word containing all letters of the English alphabet?

There is no such word that contains ALL the letters of the Englishalphabet, however there are sentences containing all the letters:"THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG" (35 letters) "PACK MYBOX WITH FIVE DOZEN LIQUOR JUGS" (32 letters) There are dozensmore... but these are just a few.

Animal that begins with the letter alphabet a?

· Aardvark · Addax · Adelie Penguin · Afghan Hound · Airedale Terrier · Alaotra Grebe · Alaskan Malamute · Alaskan Salmon · Albatross · Alpaca · American Alligator · American White Pelican · Amsterdam Albatross · Angus Cow · A ( Full Answer )

What English word has all the letters of the alphabet?

There is no word in the English language that includes all 26letters, but there are sentences that uses all of them. Here aresome short pangrams using standard written English, not involvingabbreviations or proper nouns: "Jived fox nymph grabs quickwaltz." (28 letters) "Glib jocks quiz nymph to v ( Full Answer )

Which 13 letter words contain half of the English alphabet?

We have only been able to find: INCOMPUTABLES (Appropriate, don't you think!) We will continue to search to see if there are any more. In the meantime, here are some 13-letter 'two-word' groups which contain half the letters of the alphabet: . Angelic sprout . Glued apricots . Lethargic Duos ( Full Answer )

Science words that begin with every letter of the alphabet?

Air Pressure Barometer Compound Diffusion Einstein Friction Gravity Humidity Iodine Joint Kidney Lens Mineral Nuclear Ocean Photosynthesis Quasar (basically a giant black hole) Rotation Solar Flare Thermometer Urine Vascular Water Cycle X-Ray Year Zero Gravity, Absolute Zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius ( Full Answer )

Trees beginning with letters of the alphabet?

Apple, birch, cottonwood, dogwood, eucalyptus, fig, grapefruit, hackberry, ironwood, juniper, kiwi, locust, magnolia, Norway spruce, oak, palmetto, quaking aspen, redbud, sequoia, tangerine, umbrella palm, viburnum, weeping willow, yuzu tree (a citrus tree) and zelkova are trees. They begin with th ( Full Answer )

What are Christmas-related words that begin with each letter of the alphabet?

This better not be for school LOL: Angel Baby Jesus Candy Canes/cold Canadian winter lol Decorations/December Exitement Fun in the snow Gifts Halo/Ham Icecle Jesus Kind/ Lemon tarts Manger Nice list/ Naughty list Ornaments Party Quilt ? Resting Santa Clause Ti ( Full Answer )

What complementary words begin with each letter of the alphabet?

· ambitious · brilliant · courteous · decisive · energetic · fearless · generous · humble · industrious · jovial · kindhearted · likeable · modest · neighborly · optimistic · pragmatic · quiet · reliable · ( Full Answer )

Fruits beginning with letters of the alphabet?

· apple · blueberry · cherry · date · eggplant · fig · grapefruit · honeydew melon · ita palm · jalapeno pepper · kiwi · lemon · mango · nectarine · orange · peach · quince · rasp ( Full Answer )

Cars beginning with the letters of the alphabet?

A alpha romeo B Buick C Chrysler D dodge E elantra F fiat G gremlin H Honda I Isuzu J jaguar K kia L Lincoln M Mazda N Nissan O opel P Pontiac Q quattro R rolls Royce S Saturn T Toyota U uplander V volkswagen W wrx X xantia Y yaris Z zagato

What are English words that begin with the letter i?

· icky · icy · identical · idiotic · idle · ignorant · ill · illegal · illiterate · illustrious · imaginary · immediate · immense · imminent · impartial · imperfect · impolite · important · imported · ( Full Answer )

What are some of the words that begin with alphabet A?

Abbey, about, ace, afford, age, air, alert, alibi, alive, alter, although, altitude, amateur, ambition, ambulance, ammonia, ammunition, amnesia, amount, amuse, angel, announce, ant, apron, arm, atom, auto, aviation and award are words. They begin with the letter a.

Why is -a- the first letter of the English alphabet?

The English alphabet is a modified version of the Latin alphabet also called the Roman alphabet. This was developed from the Greek alphabet and the letter 'Alpha' or 'A' is the first letter in the Greek alphabet so it carried over.

Which alphabets have the least letters?

Most languages of the south pacific have short alphabets of around 13 letters, such as Hawaiian and Tahitian. Rotokas has the shortest, with only 12 letters.

Which was the 27th letter of ENGLISH alphabet?

Ampersand (&) It was common practice to add at the end of the alphabet the "&" sign as the 27th letter, pronounced and . Thus, the recitation of the alphabet would end in: "X, Y, Z and per se and ". This last phrase was routinely slurred to "ampersand" and the term crept into common English usage ( Full Answer )

What are Christmas related words that begin with each letter of the alphabet?

Angel Buy Christmas Cake Drummer boy Excitement Family Gift Happy Inviting Jolly Kings Lights Merry Nice Ornament Prayer Quiet Rudolf Santa Toys Under the tree Visitor Wish Xmas Yule Log Zealotry I must admit, I had to go to Yahoo Answers for some help as I was stuck on a few like Y, Z

What are some words that begin with the letter B alphabetically?

· babies · baby · back · badge · bag · bait · balance · ball · balloon · banana · band · bank · bar · base · baseball · basin · basket · basketball · bat · bath · battle · bead · beam · ( Full Answer )

Which is the least used word in the alphabets?

words aren't used in alphabets. They're used in languages. If you are asking what the least used word is in a particular language, you'd have to specify which language you're talking about.