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Bardahl,s STOP LEAK WITH THE PELLETS is the best stop leak I have ever used,I have had it seal water pumps which is tough.Best of all it is cheap

answerall stop leak additives are a waste all they do is temporarily stop the leak, then make the problem worse a temporary fix that will do no damage and works better than any copper additive is good old straight from the kitchen, GROUND BLACK PEPPER. THIS WILL STOP LEAKS AND WHEN U DUMP COOLANT TO FIX ORIGINAL PROBLEM WILL JUST RUN OUT OF ENGINE AND RADIATOR WITH THE COOLANT IS ALSO AHELL OF A LOT CHEAPER

If you're in the middle of nowhere and trying to get back to town would be the only time I'd use one of these products. I know that if you read that bottle of stop-leak or any of the other similar products, they'll make it sound like it's permanent - but it's not.

It might hold for a few miles or even a hundred miles, but it's not a permant fix. Been there, tried that. Fix that leak ASAP the right way, you'll save money in the long run!

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Q: Which liquid copper additive works best?
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