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Which liquid is used in lcd monitor?

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Its chemical name is C6 H13 O(MESOGEH).

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What is LCD monitor?

An LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display. The LCD monitor has a large number of pixels and uses liquid crystals to help light the display.

Liquid display crystal monitor?

LCD Monitor

What type of monitor that uses a liquid display crystal?

LCD monitor

What is important when buying an LCD monitor?


Difference by the way vdu monitor and lcd monitor?

There is no difference. A LCD Monitor (Liquid Crystal Display) is a type of VDU (Visual Display Unit).

What does lcd stand for in a monitor?

liquid crystal display

What does a LCD monitor uses?

a liquid display crystal

Full form of LCD monitor?

Liquid Crystal Display

What is the full name of LCD monitor?

Liquid Crystal Display

What is a liquid display crystal monitor called?

LCD screen

How to distinguish a LCD monitor from a LED monitor?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display LED stands for light emitting diode I hope this can help

Classification of monitor based on signal?

There are different types of monitors including the TFT monitor, the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor and the LCD monitor. The LCD monitor uses a liquid crystal to display color and light variations.

What liquid lcd monitor uses to display produce images on the screen?

Liquid crystal display

What is led monitor?

A LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor with a LED (light-emitting diode) backlight

What is a liquid display crystal monitor?

I assume you mean Liquid Crystal Display monitor, or LCD. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs). LCs do not emit light directly.

The type of monitor that looks like a traditional television set is called a monitor?

liquid crystal display (LCD)

Uses a liquid crystal display to produce images on the screen?

LCD monitor

Is a Philips 200CW monitor lcd or crt?

The Philips 200CW is a LCD or Liquid Crystal Display. See Related Link

What is the full meaning of LCD in computer?

LCD is short for Liquid Cyrstal Display. This is a common type of monitor that is attached to a computer.

What is the purpose of a LCD monitor?

An LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor is used in calculators, digital watches, and digital clocks. The numbers and/ or letters you see on them are made by the liquid crystal that is inside of the two pieces of glass that is used for the screen. Sorry that I couldn't provide much information, but I'm not that good when it comes to understanding how the process works.

What is an lcd panel and how is it used?

An LCD panel is actually a LCD screen that is part of your computer monitor or LCD Television. There are different types of screens such as plasma as well, but to answer your question, an LCD panel is the LCD screen on your monitor or television (provided it is an LCD model).

What does LCD and LCM stand for?

When those terms are used in math. LCD is Lowest Common Denominator and LCM is Lowest Common Multiple. In computer display technology, they stand for Liquid Crystal Display and Liquid Crystal Monitor, respectively.

How many watts does a 20 inch LCD monitor use?

Usually about 35 - 41 watts is used by a 20" LCD monitor.

What is a mechanical device that has been invented in the 2000s?

An LCD (Liquid crystal display) monitor.

What type of monitor uses liquid crystal display to produce images on a screen?