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Which liquids rust faster?


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Liquids do not rust, iron does, rust is Hydrated Iron (III) oxide, so the only substance which can rust iron is water

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Pennies don't rust; they're copper. They corrode. The phosphoric acid, carbonation and salt in soda will corrode a penny faster than the other liquids.

soapy water does make nails rust because of the soap mixed with water are two different types of liquids which also makes it faster to rust

no liquids/water don't rust they cause rust on metal objects

Nails rust faster in the presence of moisture and air.

The thing that makes a nail rust faster is precipitation.

I dont know. Im trying to find the same answer for a science project.

which rust faster in dr.peper a paper clip or a nail.

It'll rust away faster, but (assuming they're made from the same alloy) won't start to rust faster.

solids are tightly packed and liquids aren't. liquids are tighter than gas so gas reacts faster.

why dose a penny rust faster in salt water than in vinegar

salt will rust the coin faster thanfresh water

The nail will rust faster in salt water.

It will rust faster in fizzy, fresh coke because that has more oxygen, but as the coke sits out longer and loses CO2 the nail will begin to rust slower until water would make it rust faster.

water would make a nail rust faster because nails rust faster in water or any acidic liquads. As I been told

A nail will rust faster in wet soil than water, but if the soil is not wet , the nail will rust faster in water. I hope this answers your question. Bye, Annette Pfohl

We can make iron rust faster by placing it in some type of corrosive substance such as acids.

the main liquid that makes metal rust is water fo-sho

Rust in peace another one bites the rust rust vs. oxygen: The battle of the century feeling rusty? to rust or not to rust... that is the question

Were a nail dipped into liquid iron (II) oxide it would instantly gain a coating of rust. Apart from that, liquids with more oxygen, salt, or sometimes very little acid can speed up the process because rust is iron oxide that is formed from dissolved oxygen and the iron in the nail and salt is a better conducter than oxygen and so help strip off the electrons off the nail and acid can help tear down iron faster. That enough? =D

In mechanical waves liquids travel faster than solids do.

Yes, liquids heat up faster than solids.

Rusting is accelerated in the presence of water.

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