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Forests contain about 70% of the biomass, the total weight of living organisms.


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what is the 10 major biome of the world

The major cause of depletion of biodiversity in India is over population. This leads to more usage of resources.

The greatest threat to biodiversity our human activities such as hunting, pollution, etc.

The freshwater biome, Desert biome, Marine Bioes, etc..............

A biome is a major regional biological community such as that of a forest or a desert.

Biodiversity is believed to be the result of interaction between genetic engineering and speciation. Human manipulation has played a major role in the creation of the biodiversity.

major type of ecosystem

The freshwater biome, Desert biome, Marine Bioes, etc..............

I did a report in science on this and the answer was Brazil and Syndny.... hope this helps!

what kinds of bodies of water are found in or near the biome?

A major biome that consists of trees, plants, and many different animals

There are eight biomes one is Marine biome, another one is Tropical Rainforest biome, there is also the Deciduous forest biome, then there is the Desert biome, plus the Taiga biome also known as Boreal forest, also the Tundra biome, then Grassland biome, last but not least there is Savanna biome.

Earth's four major spheres are the lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. The lithosphere contains all of the cold, hard solid land of the planet's crust The biosphere contains all the planet's living things. The atmosphere contains all of the air in the Earth system The hydrosphere contains all the solid, liquid, and gaseous water of the planet.

A:There are two major ones - Salt water biome, and freshwater biome.

Biome is the worlds major communities

A biome is a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g., forest or tundra.

using the word 'biome' it is asumed that you question the major ecological comunity type, in which case the answer is 'grassland'

A biome is any major biological community in a region (such as a rain forest, marshland, desert, etc.) that is characterized by its dominant life forms and climate.

that is a question that deserves an answer.

temperate deciduous forest

The preservation of the natural biome of Earth.

Earths Major Earthquakes are caused by faulting of rock in earth's crust.Hope this helps

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. The question "What can you do about biodiversity?" is not clearly worded. What can you do about the variety of languages, or motor vehicles, or rock types, or colours or chemicals or shoe brands? If, on the other hand, the questions refers to how to maintain biodiversity, one of the major battles is fighting invasive species. Flora and fauna that are introduced from other countries inevitably have a major impact on biodiversity of native species. Invasive species and habitat loss are the two most important factors causing loss of biodiversity. Therefore, limiting habitat loss, along with preventing and controlling the spread of invasive species, can go a very long way towards maintaining biodiversity.

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