Which men first hugged as a greeting?

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How do you use hugged in a sentence?

The couple hugged in greeting, oblivious to the crowd thronging past.

What does it means that my best friend hugged someone?

It does not signify anything special. Hugging others is a common way of greeting people.

What is the proper greeting for a group of men and women?

how to greet men in Sicilian

When did the first greeting card card come out?

when did the first muscical greeting card come out?

The first greeting card was made in?

The first greeting cards were made in the early 1400's.

Why do girls and women shake hands with men?


The first Halloween greeting card was made in?

The first Halloween greeting card was made in the early 1900's

How many syllables does hugged have?

Hugged has one syllable.

What are facts about buenos aires?

The greeting in Buenos Aires, is to kiss the person you are meeting on the cheek.Men have to kiss woman vise versa. Men have to kiss men. Women have to kiss women.Even if it is the first time meeting them.

In your workplace if any worker do huging with people all the time and you do not feel good to see this what you do?

If you don't want to get hugged, well that's your call and the one doing the hugging should respect that. But if it's a short hug (like a greeting - not like making out) and the one getting hugged don't mind, then it's none of your business.

Do men really kiss each other in Russia as a greeting?

yes, but its usually the elderly men its to show respect.

What chapter did Natsume hugged Mikan for the first time?

Well I don't remember the first time, but I remember when he hugged her during the sports thing while wearing a mask and I don't think Mikan knew it was him until later

Is there a name for the fear of getting hugged from behind?

Hehgophobia is the fear fo being hugged, but there isn't one for being hugged from behind.

What is the duration of Bunny Hugged?

The duration of Bunny Hugged is 420.0 seconds.

How do you hug your boyfreind for the first time?

Okay well two weeks ago i hugged my bf for the first time............... I read so many articles and none helped me........... so i decided oh well what happens happens. So when i hugged him it was kinda oddd. like my bf hugged my neck and i hugged his midback but you know after the first hug it was easy. Oh yeah if you experience this you know he really likes you; he huggs you for a really long time and he seems to smell ur hair lol idk why but

Is hugged a noun?

No, hugged is a verb; it is the past tense of the verb to hug (hugs, hugging, hugged). If a word is a noun then you can put the word a, an, or the in front of it.

He hugged you goodnight then you were looking for your keys then he hugged you again why did he do that?

Because he wanted to hug you.

Do hamsters like to be hugged?

Hamsters do NOT like to be hugged at all. It squeezes the air out of them!

When was Bunny Hugged created?

Bunny Hugged was created on 1951-03-10.

How To Give A Greeting On Moviestarplanet?

♥You First Go To The Diamond Shop And Go To Give A Greeting Then You Select The Person You Want To Give The Greeting To Then Press Send Greeting But Remember It Costs 15 Diamonds Thanks For Reading This♥

He hugged me even thou he was late for work but he hugged me a long time what do you think that means?

Ethier he likes you or he is trying to be nice to you because no one else does but my opinon is the first one HE LIKES YOU!!!!!! go 4 it

What is the past form of hug?

infinitive: hug past: hugged past participle: hugged

Do girls like to be hugged?

i hugged my girlfriend at her uncle's funeral... she dumped me the next week.

Have Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb ever hugged each other?

Yes, they have hugged.

When were the first Halloween greeting cards made?