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A comparison of the Thermal Conductivity of several common metals (higher values indicates better heat conductivity) is shown below. Silvers is best but cost makes copper a pretty good choice:

Metal: Conductivity

* Steel: 50 * Brass: 109 * Aluminum: 250 * Gold: 310 * Copper: 401 * Silver: 429

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Which materials would conduct heat the best?

the best material would conduct heat is metal.

What type of metal conduct heat best?

Best heat conductor of all (although not a metal) is carbon in its diamond allotrope.

What kind of metal conducts heat fastest?

Silver is the best (and so fastest) metal to conduct heat.

Do liquids conduct heat well?

no, metal is the best heat && energy conductor.

What materials conduct heat and electricity?

The best conductor for heat and electricity is any type of metal element.

Does germanium conduct heat?

Germanium is a metal that does conduct heat, but does not conduct heat as well as other metals. This makes it a semiconductor.

Does gold conduct heat?

Gold does conduct heat, this is because it is a metal, and most metals are good conductors of heatYes. Because it is a metal.

Why do spoons conduct heat?

A spoon is made of metal, seeing as metal is one of the best conductors of most anything...

Do metal hangers conduct heat?

yes, it's a metal right? most metals conduct heat very well...

What is the only non metal that can conduct heat?

Graphite and Carbon will both conduct heat.

Which metal does not conduct heat?

None. All metals conduct heat to some degree.

Does metal conduct heat well?

yes. metals conduct heat and electric current well.

Does glass conduct heat?

No of course it doesnt conduct heat . Alll metal tends to though :)

What kind of object will conduct both heat and electricity?

metal can conduct both heat and electricity.

Is copper a best insulator?

No. Copper is a metal and will conduct both heat and electricity very well.

How well does steele conduct heat?

Very well, but as far as metal I think copper is the best.

Is conduct heat metal or non metals?

i think it is metal

What types of matter do not conduct heat at all?

Every matter conducts heat but non-metals conduct less heat than metals generally . For exception diamond which is a non metal is one of the best conductors of heat.

Does metal conduct heat readily?

Metal does indeed conduct heat readily. Metal also conducts electricity. The conductive properties of metal are due to the free electrons in metal atoms that allow for mobile charge.

Do metals not conduct heat well?

Metals conduct heat and electricity well, in fact that is one of the main defining features of a metal. So in short, no, they do not not conduct heat well, they DO conduct heat well.

Does silver conduct heat well?

Silver does indeed conduct heat rather well. This is because silver is a metal and most metals conduct heat well.

Is metal a thermal conductivity?

Yes, metal will conduct heat energy

Does metal conduct heat?

some metals can conduct heat but not all losers so search it your selvesyes

Does Caesium conduct heat?

Yes. Caesium is a metal, all metals conduct heat and electricity quite well.

What metal can conduct electricity and heat?

original: heat goes trough metal so metal is good conductor of heat improved: All metals can