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steel, iron and everything that's like metal

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What are magents used for?

they are used to separate magnetic metals and non-magnetic metals in a scrapyard and are used as well to lock gates shut by forming a clamp and holdong tight.

Is pumice attareded to magents?

is pumice the rock attracted to magents

What metal do magents attract?

Any kind of metal. ------------------------------ Magnets attract ferromagnetic metals, mainly iron and nickel, and their alloys. ------------------------------

What do magents do?

they do loads of stuff like attracting things

Are alloys made of metals or non metals?


Which planets are made of rocks and metals?

Mars has rocks and metals. Or you could say it is made up of rocks and metals.

Why are cooking vessels made out of metals?

cooking vessels are made of metals because metals are good conductors of heat

Are tent poles made out of non metals or metals?

non metals

Do magnets have electricity in them?

both magents and electricity have positive and negiteve charges

What is a material made from the mixture of different metals?

What is Material made from the mixture of different metals?

What metals are cars made of?

Metals of course dude.

What is made when you add metals and non metals?

Metals and nonmetals form ionic compounds.

Iron and aluminum are useful metals made from?

iron and aluminum are useful metals made from alloy

Are non metals only made in computers?

Non metals exists in nature . They are not made in computers.

Why are tools made of metal?

Metals are very important for us. Most tools are made by metals.

How are electromagnets diffrent to either temporary or pemanent magents?

Electromagnets can be turned on and off.

Is the periodic table only made of metals and non metals?


What do you call metals made from 2 or more metals?


Is your body made up of mostly non metals or metals?

Our body is mainly made up of nonmetals

What kind of metals is lead made of?

Lead isn't "made out of" any other metals. It's an element.

What are some metals that can be made into magnets and can be attracted by magnets?

Ferromagnetic metals

What is a solution of metals?

A solution of metals is referred to as an alloy. An alloy is a solution that is made of a couple or more metals.

Are metals made of minerals?

No, Metals are pure elements or alloys (compounds) The metals can be minerals in rock, however.

What magnet has both north and south poles?

ALL magents have a "North" & a "South" pole...

What are some traditional desserts of Alaska?

Deep-fried magents are a traditional dessert of Alaska.