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Most of them. The king of it is Rickey Henderson, who was picked off 335 times in his MLB career.


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There is nothing NORMAL about a narcissistic. There is nothing NORMAL about stealing. This is just the way she is and it's wrong no matter what.

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If a person has a tendency to do something like stealing from his job and has been caught and fired from a few jobs, when his friends or family learn he has been caught stealing again from another job they say, well a leopard can't change his spots. Meaning once a thief always a thief, or any other vice or short coming a person may have.

Rapper DMX, professional American football player Michael Vick, rapper Young Calicoe, & someone from the Portland Trailblazers was caught.

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My friend has been caught before and it depends on the item. He got caught stealing some Pokemon cards (yes he was bored) and only got told by the manager to not do it again and let off with a warning. However if it was a dvd, or more expensive item the police would probably get notified and you might get arrested. All depends on what has been stolen, people who are working, and if your lucky or not. Better not to get caught or if you do come clean.

Easy. GET THE SECURITY PIN and stop stealing the player. You have been reported to the police. Please wait for a knock on the door. Thank you.

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What a stupid question. Lack of guilt in this situation would have to do with the persons background and what their consequences have been for stealing. If you are never caught and the pattern began early on before the person had established their moral compass, then how could they relate the experiences with guilt? Personal emotions are roughed out as we grow and connect them to different types of situations. And they have probably been jacked before, lol!

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Stealing something is always a crime. Anyone who actually sees you steal something has the right to catch you and hold you until the police comes. But they can't be too rough about it, unless you resist them. I don't think they have the right to search you though, they should wait for the police for that. But theft is sitll a crime, even if you've handed the goods back. And if you've been caught stealing I don't think any judge would be too bothered about exactly how the stolen items were retrieved. You broke the law first.

Future TenseSingularI will catchYou will catchHe/she/it will catchPluralWe will catchYou will catchThey will catchFuture Progressive TenseSingularI will be catchingYou will be catchingHe/she/it will be catchingPluralWe will be catchingYou will be catchingThey will be catchingFuture Perfect TenseSingularI will have caughtYou will have caughtHe/she/it will have caughtPluralWe will have caughtYou will have caughtThey will have caughtFuture Perfect Progressive TenseSingularI will have been catchingYou will have been catchingHe/she/it will have been catchingPluralWe will have been catchingYou will have been catchingThey will have been catching

lieng is not about where and been its how you say to people. punishment can be for lieing,lieing can be stealing and cheating. there are reasons. lieng is not about where and been its how you say to people. punishment can be for lieing,lieing can be stealing and cheating. there are reasons.

Yes. The Bible teaches us that theft is a sin. As our laws are based on the original 10 commandments, our law also states that theft is wrong, and is a crime that, if you are caught, will lead to punishment. In Catholic moral theology there are different levels of stealing and their penalties depending on the intent, circumstances and conditions of the theft. For instance, stealing $10 from a rich man, while a transgression, is not as serious as stealing $10 from a poor man, who needs that money just to make it through the day. Or stealing something from a house is not as serious as stealing from a church, which has the added sin of sacrilege. As well, in a case of necessity such as starvation or other circumstances that threaten death or body harm, the immediate acquisition of food or shelter through theft is not considered sinful. The theology of stealing can be discussed with a priest or reserved for the anonymity of the confessional. All culpable cases of stealing, whether caught or not, will have temporal consequences in this life or the next. The primary way Catholics make reparation for stealing is through restoring what has been taken, or, if this is impossible, making equal restitution or making a donation if the victim cannot be located.

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