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If you're sure you aren't going to want video later, then one of the standard iPods will do. They may be a little hard to find as I think they're phasing them out in favor of the new video models. Figure about 1000 songs per 4.5 gigs of memory (They figure about 1000 songs per 4 gig, but I think that figure is a little high) and don't short yourself on's better to have too much rather than too little. Unless you're a jogger, I'd stay away from the mini as it's way too small, and the shuffle doesn't give you any control over what you listen to. One last thought. The prices are coming down, so make sure you really don't want the video model. A 30 gig video model is now about the same price that I paid for my 15 gig two years ago. Hope that helps. Try to find an old 20 GB iPod or a 6 GB ipod mini. You should get the 2gig Ipod Nano that holds around 250 songs which is enough because you can delete songs Well if u JUST want music the ipod shuffle is the best one for u, it has 1GB of memory which is about 240 songs and has a battiery life of 12 hours all this for about £25-£30. I have one and I thought it was great.

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Q: Which model iPod is the best for transferring and listening to music only?
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