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080 *Cleo the Pretty Pyramid [Worldie] Blue Crazy Daisy, Pink Crazy Daisy, Yellow Snap Apple

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Which moshling on moshi monsters likes blue craisy daisy blue craiy daisy and craizy daisy but not pink?

At this time there is no Moshling on Moshi Monsters that can be caught with three Crazy Daisy plants.

Which moshling likes pink crazy daisy and yellow crazy daisy?

The only moshling on Moshi Monsters that can be attracted to a pink Crazy Daisy and a yellow Crasy Daisy is Oompah.069 *Oompah the Brassy Blowything [Tunies] [Rare] Yellow Star Blossom, Yellow Crazy Daisy, any Crazy Daisy

Which moshling likes yellow crazy daisy?

with a yellow crasy daizy you could get cleo

Which moshling likes purple crazy daisy and red magic beans?

No moshling only likes purple crazy daisy and red magic beans there are different combinations. Only iggy likes purple crazy daisy and sooki yaki likes red magic beans. Iggy the Pixel-Munching Snaffer: Black moon orchid,Purple crazy daisy, Purple crazy daisy. Sooki Yaki the Caped Assassin: Any hot silly pepper, Any magic beans, Red magic Beans

What moshling likes purple hot silly peppers red crazy daisy and dragon fruit?

Currently there is no moshling that is attracted by purple Hot Silly Peppers, red Crazy Daisy, and a Dragon Fruit.

Which moshling on moshi monsters likes a pink crazy daisy and the blue?

seriously i don't really no cause it the bird said it to me too but it said its a ultra rare moshling that's all i know hope it helps it is cleo (the pyramid). You need pink and blue crazy daisy plus yellow snap apple. good luck!

What moshling likes blue crazy daisy and red snap apple?

yes you xan get honey and homney the weirdo 4 freesias

If a moshling on moshi monsters likes your flower what do you do?

If a Moshling likes the flower you have planted then you should leave this one planted and replace the ones that the Moshling doesn't like.

What moshling likes Boo Berries on Moshi Monsters?

There are no "Boo Berries" on Moshi Monsters.

What moshling on moshi monsters likes purple hot silly pepper and purple love berrries but What is the last one?

RockyAny Hot Silly PepperAny Love BerryPink Crazy DaisyGingersnapAny Hot Silly PepperAny Love BerryAny Magic Bean

Which moshling likes red snap apples?

its McNulty plant a pink daisy and Ur 2 snap apples they can be any color but the daisy MUST BE PINK :)

Who is the ugliest moshling on moshi monsters?

The ugliest moshling is general fuziuki he is just a fluff with a hat and a sword I only know 1 person who likes him it is nico_62200 friend him.

What moshling likes purple dragon fruit?

no moshling likes purple dragon fruit

Does daisy like bowser?

NO only Luigi likes Daisy and she likes him

What moshling likes purple moon orchid?

No moshling likes specifically purple. Many of them like any colour.

What moshling on moshi monsters likes blue hot silly pepper and purple magic beans?

Depends on which order they are in. More info is needed here!

What moshlings likes Crazy Daisies?

You have to be a paid Moshi Member in order to buy the Crazy Daisy and get the following moshlings: 023 *Humphrey the Snoring Hickopotumus [Beastie] any Crazy Daisy, any Magic Beans, any Hot Silly Pepper 028 *Rocky the Heavy Weight [Worldie] Pink Crazy Daisy, any Love Berries, any Hot Silly Pepper 055 *White Fang the Musky Huskie [Puppy] Red Magic Beans, Red Moon Orchid, any Crazy Daisy 073 *Jeepers the Snuggly Tiger Cub [Beastie] any Love Berries, Red Crazy Daisy, Blue Snap Apple 078 *Burnie the Fiery Frazzledragon [Beastie] Red Snap Apple, Red Snap Apple, Blue Crazy Daisy 080 *Cleo the Pretty Pyramid [Worldie] Blue Crazy Daisy, Pink Crazy Daisy, Yellow Snap Apple 087 *Shishi the Sneezing Panda [Beastie] Black Crazy Daisy, Yellow Hot Silly Pepper, Red Dragon Fruit 091 *Cutie Pie the Wheelie YumYum [Foodie] Pink Star Blossom, Blue Dragon Fruit, Purple Crazy Daisy 100*^I.G.G.Y. "I'm Gonna Get Ya!" the Pesky Cursor [Fluffie] Purple Crazy Daisy, Purple Crazy Daisy, Black Moon Orchid

What are the Moshi Monsters on moshi cupcakes?

i think you mean what are the moshlings on moshi cupcakes. well you make a cupcake at the cupcake cavern and after your done, a moshling comes and likes your cupcake. this doesnt mean you've earned a moshling. this is just a minigame! HAPPY MONSTERING!

What moshling likes red dragon fruit?

Shishi does: 087 *Shishi the Sneezing Panda [Beastie] Black Crazy Daisy, Yellow Hot Silly Pepper, Red Dragon Fruit So does Gurgle: 083 Gurgle the Performing Flappasarus [Dino] Red Dragon Fruit, Yellow Magic Beans, Purple Love Berries

Does Mario love daisy?

Mario invented The 'Mario' Series and he put Daisy in it. But on the other hand, Mario likes Peach better than Daisy, So the possible answer is Mario likes daisy, not love

How do you find a moshling with your moshi monster?

Buy seeds from the seed cart. Plant some seeds in your Moshling Garden. If a moshling likes your plants it will stay and allow you to keep it!

Does wubbzy have a girlfriend?

no he is to young but he likes daisy

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