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is a northwestern city in Iran is a northwestern city in Iran

Susa was a city in the Persian Empire, in the Zagros Mountains of eastern Iran.

Susa was an ancient city in Iran in the lower Zagros Mountains. It was part of the Elamite, Persian, and Parthian empires.

The Persian Gulf is immediately south of Iran.

No. Iran is a Persian country.

NO.its not city of Iran Persia isanother international name of Iran and Persian means Iranian

Yes, Iran borders the north shore of Persian Gulf.

Alborz and Zagros are main mountains in Iran

I think it means "Good". like " Am I not enough Persian for you?" "No, Persian is the term that you call the language that people from Iran speak. It is also used to say "She is Persian" which means she comes from Iran and she speaks Persian (language name coming from Iran." -Lilycaat223

Elburz Mountains is found in northern Iran. :)

The country that borders the Persian Gulf to the northeast is Iran. The capital of Iran is Tehran and the official language is Persian.

Iran is a country on the Persian Gulf.

Persian rugs are made in Iran.

Persian cats are from Persia (Iran).

In Persian of Iran it is گل - (gol) In Persian of Tajikistan it is гул - (gul)

Iran, once called Persia, is famous for its rich history and culture. Persian Empire was the first modern empire extended from west of China to east Europe. Also Iran is famous for Persian Caviar, Persian Carpet and Persian Cat.

Yes. The Persian Gulf separates Saudi Arabia from Iran.

Iran was only involved in the First Persian Gulf War also known as the Iran-Iraq War and that war was resolved by armistice after a stalemate. Iran was not part of the Second Persian Gulf War (from 1990-1991) or the Third Persian Gulf War (from 2003-2011).

Persian is the official language of Iran.

In actuallity, the real national animal of Iran is the Persian Cat. It is the oldest known breed of Cats and is considered to be royalty in Iran. The most common specimen of this Cat would be the Silver-Skinned Persian Cat.^ The Asiatic Cheetah, Persian Leopard and Persian fallow deer are the national animals of Iran.

He is from Iran. (Persian)

Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988; the border between Iran and Iraq and portions of the Persian Gulf.

The Zaggaros Mountains cross through west Iran among other countries.

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