Korean War

Which nations were allies of North Korea before and during the Korean War?


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The USSR supported North Korea covertly before the war began and throughout the war. The People's Republic of China entered the war later as a military ally to North Korea.

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China and the Soviet Union were two nations that were allies of North Korea before the Korean war. Both nations remained allies even after the war in Korea.

south Korea, united nations, Australia

During the Korean War in the early 1950s, the South Koreans had many allies. Chief among them was the United States who contributed the vast majority of the troops to the United Nations effort.

North Korea: USSR (http://wiki.answers.com/Which_countries_were_in_the_Allies_in_the_Korean_War#) and ChinaSouth Korea: U.S.A, United Nations, Australia

The U.S. were allies and maybe Britain, too.

The US was in Korea as a member of the United Nations and many other members were allies including the British Commonwealth and Turkey. "South Korea" answer for A+

The US contributed the most troops and material during the Korean War .

Korea's primary ally was China, who supplied weapons and soldiers to the Korean Army during a majority of the Korean War. Many would agree that the Soviet Union was also an ally to North Korea, but China certainly made more of an impact.

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it was the United Nations, including the U.S., that ASSISTED the South Koreans during the Korean War.....

first General McArthur, then General Ridgeway.............

With WW2 it was allies vs axis. And everyone on th allies side were well allies. But the the 3 strongest allies were soviet union, America, and probably uk.

Russia and China supported North Korea during the Korean War while the United Nations supported South Korea. Troops from the United States comprised 88 percent of the forces for the United Nations.

Certainly, they helped stop the Communist advance during the Korean War.

i wish i actually knew the answer so that would have helped me with my homework but no.

During the Korean War, North Korea and China were allies, but currently they have problems with each other.

During World War II, the Allies helped occupied nations in Western Europe by providing behind-the-lines military assistance of all kinds; later, their direct invasion of the Continent liberated these same nations. After the war, the Allies (especially the United States) provided massive material and humanitarian aid for the rebuilding of these nations.

The five countries that helped during WW2. They were all on the allies side.

All countries that were part of the Allies were an all of the U.S.

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