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Which native american tribe fought in the american revolution the cherokee or the creek?

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The Cherokee fought alongside the British against the American Colonists in the American Revolution. The Creek were uninvolved.

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What role did Native Americans play in the American Revolution?

During the American Revolution the Native Americans fought in either side, American or British.

What impact did the American revolution have on native Americans?

The American revolution was catastrophic to the Native American nations that were caught in the middle. They lost land, crops, and people as the two countries fought each other.

What did the native Americans do during the American revolution?

fought on both sides in the revolutionary war

Was Chickamauga a Native American word?

The term of Chickamauga is from the Native American Cherokee Tribe. It means "river of blood".This was the name of the creek where a major US Civil War battle was fought.

Why are native Americans important in American history?

They fought in the revolution and in different wars, gave away land, and fought for their land from the colonists and spanish

Did Native Americans fight in the American Revolution?

Yes, different tribes fought on different sides in this conflict.

Is Cherokee a native american?

Yes Cherokees are a type of Native American.

Is Robert E. Lee an immigrant?

No. General Lee was a native-born American citizen. His ancestors fought in the American Revolution.

What are the Cherokee?

a native American tribe

What is the Cherokee word for snow?

what is the native american-cherokee word for snow

What is one Native American language?

one well known native American language is Cherokee

Is Cherokee a African American descent?

No, the Cherokee are native to North America, not Africa.

What country did you fight during the American Revolution?

I did not fight any country during the American Revolution; it occurred nearly two centuries before I was born. If the question is asking who the national combatants were in the American Revolution, see the Related Question below. If you mean America, the Americans fought the British government, and a few native Indian tribes that were allied to the British. The embroynic US however, were not 100% and many Americans fought with the British.

How do you say peace in native American?

There are many different Native American languages.In Cherokee it would be dohiyi

What native Americans lived in the west?

the native American did many things such as Cherokee

What was the impact of the American revolution on native Americans?

They were mostly left alone during the war. However, some of the Native Americans fought with the Patriots because they hoped they would be treated better.

What Native American tribe lived in Tennessee?

Cherokee Indians, I am a descendant. Cherokee Indians, I am a descendant.

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