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Q: Which not true The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of cleanliness The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of chemotherapy The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of convalescence?
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What did Egyptians believe cause disease?

Egyptians thought that many different things caused disease, such as the gods, insects, cleanliness and diet.

What were the importance of pyramids?

Helped Egyptians survive

What is the importance of Egyptian civilization?

Egyptians civilizations importance was all about apples. If there was no apples there would be no Egyptians. They stuffed there pyramids with apples to preserve them. Egyptians didn't need doctors because of apples.

What was the importance of Anubis to the ancient Egyptians?

He was to take the Egyptians to the afterlife to live with the gods and goddesses.

Why was the importance of the cat to Egyptians?

The Egyptians saw cats as gods and goddessess so they worshiped them.

Why did the Egyptians place importance on book of the dead?

They believed in the afterlife.m

What is Thoth's importance to ancient Egyptians?

He gave humans knowledge of the world.

What was the importance of the papyrus palnt to ancient egyptians?

Papyrus was the new thing for egyptians back then. We probably think of papyrus as paper when we think of it at all. True, the principle importance of papyrus was as a surface for writing and illustrations.

Why did egyptians build their pyramids to be grand and spectacular?

They reflected the sun god's importance

What was the importance of nephthys to ancient Egyptians?

Patron of: the dead, funerals, the house, and women.

Why were egyptians so concerned with makeup and physical appearance?

basically, according to ancient history, their gods demanded cleanliness and beauty. they praised hathor and isis for godliness

Why was mummification used by ancient Egyptians?

because they wanted to keep the essential importance in the body for when they get to the afterlife

Where in the pyramid are ancient egyptians buried?

right in the middle to show how much importance they mean to Egypt and there the center of attention

Importance of the nile delta to Egypt?

Nile Delta provided water to about 15 million Egyptians, and it helped them grow crops.

What is The importance of papyrus plant to Egyptians?

They needed it to make paper without it no one would have paper and we wouldn't know anything about them.

Why did the egyptians want the pyramids to be spectacular?

it demonstrated a pharaohs importance and they believed pharaohs were a link to gods and controlled everyones afterlife

What does the Osiris myth tell you about what was important to Egyptians?

The Osiris myth tells the you about the importance of the afterlife to the ancient Egyptians. The popularity of the myth comes from the message that anyone no matter their station could obtain a pleasant afterlife.

When ancient Egyptians died what were they buried with?

The ancient Egyptians would bury there deceased royalty or importance with personal belongings and food and cloths. Also a boat for the journey to the afterlife and as ridiculous as it sounds sometimes even a favorite horse.

What was Wadjet importance to the egyptians?

The Wadjet Eye/ Eye of Ra/Eye of Horus often used to symbolise sacrifice, healing, restoration, and protection.

Which organ did the Egyptians think was not important at all?

Ancient Egyptians did not think that the brain was important. They thought that it was only to take up space in their head. The heart however, was recognised to be of importance. When they were mummified it was also wrapped and placed back in the body.

What is the importance of the pyramids in Egypt?

Gthe pyramids were used as burial chambers, the shape is attributed to the fact the ancient egyptians thought it was in the shape of sun rays

Why is Isis import to the ancient Egyptians?

Isis was the Egyptian goddess of women, mothers, children, magic, medicine, and the Ritual of Life. So her importance can not be disputed.

What was the importance of the Papyrus plant to Egyptians?

It was very important to their way of life, and living. They used it for building boats, writing, keeping records, bedding, and more.

What is the importance about mummies?

the mummies were important because it let the egyptians believe that whom they mummified (often Pharoahs or other rulers) would be going to the after life

What was the importance of the Ka and the Ba to Ancient Egyptians?

they believed that after death the Ba fled from the body so if the body was embalmed they believed the Ka and the Ba would reunite