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Which note goes to which timpani drum?

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It doesn't matter, you're just supposed to tune one of the drums to that certain note.

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How do you change notes on a timpani?

Each drum has a note and each drum can change its pitch. The changing of pitch can be done when you step on the pedal of the timpani.

What is the difference between a bass drum and timpani drums?

A bass drum, is played with a mallet, or foot pedal, and is the one note, it is tuned to. A Timpani drum, has a pedal, that when pressed, tightens the head, and changes the note of the drum.....probably about an octave, or less.

What sort of drum would make the highest pitch note?

a Timpani

What is a timpani drum made of?

Timpani are usually brass.

What do the petals on a timpani drum do?

It changes the pitch of the Timpani.

What were the timpani drum used for?

timpani drum is a percussion instrument that is used to give a melodic contor in a given music

Is a brass or a marimba or a timpani not a drum?

A brass is not a type of drum.

Is a timpani part of the percussion family?

Yes - a timpani is a kind of drum, which is percussion.

What musical family is a timpani in?

The timpani or kettledrum is in the percussion family They are a type of drum.

Where does the timpani drum originate?


What large drum can be tuned?


What is a timpani?

A timpani is a large drum that is able to be tuned so it can play different notes.

What is another name for the kettle drum?


What is another name for timpani?

kettle drum

What is a different name for the timpani?

Kettle Drum

What type of drum has a rounded bottom?


What is the correct name for the ear drum?


How does a timpani look like?

Timpani are large metal pots with drum-heads stretched over their tops. The drum-heads are made of calfskin or plastic.

What is A type of drum beginning with ta?

one type of drum is called timpani

Which type of drum has adjustable pitch?

The timpani or sometimes called kettle drum.

Which one of the instruments has the highest pitch snare drum or the timpani?

snare drum

What can a timpani do that no other drum can do?

A timpani's tone can be altered, no other drum is like that.

What are some other names for the timpani?

The tympani, kettle drum, and the timps are other names for the timpani.

Which percussion instrument is not part of a standard drum set or drum kit?


What is another name for a timpani drum?

kettle kettledrums