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None. Germany was allied with Japan, which held some. German forces never penetrated to central or South Africa to secure the others. The Pacific colonies, islands in the Bismark Sea and other possessions, were seized without combat by the Japanese in WWI. The Japanese held these under a League of Nations mandate, with a requirement they not arm/militarize them. The Japanese violated this agreement and built fortifications extensively. The other German colonies were in Africa. The French took over Cameroon (German Equatorial Africa). Togo, a small colonial sliver near Nigeria, was also taken over by the French who also held nearby Dahomey. The South Africans, part of the British Commonwealth, took over German Southwest Africa. The British also took the most valuable German colony, Tanganyika. British forces had already attacked and defeated a native force on the island of Zanzibar (sometimes listed in the Guiness book of world records as the worlds shortest war) in the 1800s. Zanzibar is off the the coast of Tanganika. After WWI, the two colonies were combined into the new British colony, Tanzania, a combination of the two territorial names. The addition of these territories to the already massive British Empire meant that the British now controlled an unbroken strip of land from Egypt (under British rule since 1882) to Cape Town. They used this geographical advantage to begin construction of a rail system to link the far distant colonies of north and south. This construction project is noted in the Speilburg movie 'the Color Purple'. To my knowledge there were no other non-European German territories.

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Q: Which of Germany's former colonies lost with the Treaty of Versailles did Hitler recapture?
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