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concentration camps were German , NONE were Polish !!!

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None. There were no Polish concentration camps. Of course there were German concentration camps in occupied Poland, where several millions died, but that is another matter.

Polish Jews were first oppressed during daily life, then taken to ghettos, then carted to concentration camps, where many were killed.

16,000 German soldiers were killed in the invasion of Poland.

There were no Polish concentration camps during World War Two. Poland was attacked by Germany in September 1939 and occupied till 1945. All concentration camps on the Polish territory were built and operated by the German government. The term "Polish concentration camps" is highly abusive to Poles as millions of Polish citizens, of whom most were of Jewish origin, were killed there. By the German Nazis. To make it clear. Above agreed 100%. Note also that Poland was 100 miles further East between the World Wars, the border got shifted to take in a lot of Germany in 1945 when Soviet Russia had a major say in carving up Europe. So some concentration camps that were in Nazi Germany are now geographically in Poland. Try to find an historical atlas to fully understand! Also agreed. The camps should be referred to as Nazi German camps. In practice, the use of the term Polish concentration camps is usually lazy, not malicious. Some people also refer in the context of the Holocaust to Jewish concentration camps (!).

In the invasion of Poland German casualties were about 17,000 troops killed.Polish casualties (military and civilian) were about 66,000 killed.

It sounds as if you are thinking of Auschwitz. Please note that it was a Nazi German camp in Poland. It was certainly not run by the Polish government.

No. Poland holds no responsibility for the concentration camps, they were in Poland, but they were owned and run by the Germans.

A Polish kapo was a kapo (overseer of the prisoners in concentration camps) that was Polish.

Hitler killed several kinds of Jews, including Polish Jews and German Jews. Hitler also killed Germans who were sympathetic to Jews.

German No Nicolaus Copernicus was enployed by the polish crown and grew up in Poland he is polish

Your question was cut off. Here is an algebra formula for you. 30P + 30I = 60a a=all 35G = 60 - 8N 35G= 52 Germans, German and Irish and Polish, Polish and German 8N = people not German at all 52M-7A-13PG=32 German only M=mixed n=not German at all p=Polish I=Irish G=German only. But since the question was cut off my work is only an example for you to use to work your assigned question. I would need to know what 10 represented to solve the problem.

The Germans attacked Poland in 1939 then kicked the Poles out of their own country and next he moved his own Germans into Poland. He put the Polish Jews into concentration camps. _____ The Polish people weren't kicked out of their own country after the invasion. There were approx 35 million people living in Poland at the outbreak of the war so logistically it would have been impossible to do this. The Polish people, and especially the Jews, suffered greatly during the German occupation. Many Jews were moved into Ghettos and later into concentration camps.

The excuse he gave to the German people was to give them "living space". In other words, he expected to replace Polish people with German people.

Auschwitz is the German name of a town in Poland and of the former Nazi concentration camp and killing centre there. Poland was under German rule at the time. The Polish name is Oswiecim.

It was neither.Hitler only murdered European Jews. He did not murder Israelis. The majority of Jews killed in the Holocaust spoke:GermanPolishYiddishDutchCzechFrenchAnd many othersJews haven't spoken Aramaic in 2000 years.

David Levi has written: 'The Festival prayers according to the ritual of the German and Polish Jews' 'The Festival prayers according to the ritual of the German and Polish Jews' 'The Festival prayers according to the ritual of the German and Polish Jews' 'The Festival prayers according to the ritual of the German and Polish Jews' 'The Festival prayers according to the ritual of the German and Polish Jews'

There are known to have been six million Jewish victims. Millions of these have been documented and recorded. In addition, five million non-Jews were also killed in the concentration camps.Jews were not the only ones sent to concentration camps and later killed. 'Aryan' or not, homosexuals, Polish citizens, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, and many resisters were killed as well.

yes actually because well their partially german. and polish well their polish.

Poland was the first country to be attacked by Germany, and that started World War II. France had an alliance with Poland, and they promised to come to their aid if and when they were attacked; they did not. Germany killed and took captive the poles, and forced them into concentration camps. The Nazis executed hundreds of poles, primarily Jewish people, in public. Hundreds of thousands of Polish people were slaughtered in WWII.

The German-Polish border (after 1945) was often referred to as the Oder-Neisse Line.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what happened, but supposedly German troops attacked a radio station in an ethnicly German part of Poland. Then they put Polish uniforms on dead civilians and announced that the Polish army had attacked the station. Then they invaded Poland to 'protect' the Germanic people living there.

You have that backwards. The Nazis killed the Jews by the millions during the holocaust. Few civilian Jews killed the Nazis. During the Polish uprising of Jews in Warsaw, the civilian Jews armed themselves and fought against the German soldiers trying to murder them.

No, German and Polish are not closely related, but because they are spoken in neighboring countries, there are some similarities.Polish is a Slavic Language, like Russian.German is a Germanic language, like English.

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