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"The Allies had more people and a larger industrial capacity."

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The greater resources and the breaking of the German and Japanese codes

A.Allied soldiers were better trained than Axis soldiers. B. Axis soldiers were disloyal to their leaders. C. The Allies had more people and a larger industrial capacity. D. The Allies did not have to fight a two-front war.

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The Allies were able to defeat the Axis in World War II for many reasons. These included the Allies out-supplying and out-lasting Germany at the Invasion of Normandy, and the US was well prepared for the Battle of Midway and Japan never recovered from that loss.

the allies were able to gain a storng foothold in france

they were able to supply information, they were able to help downed airmen back to Britain.

Every nation is allied to another because if a war starts, they need to be able to get help from their allies. Usually two or more nations are allied by a treaty that says they all agree to not go after each other and instead go after each allied members enemies.Check out the following address to see WHAT the allies were:allies-of-world-war-ii

They gave their resources to the allies and provided refugees homes in cities

the were able to help get over the target and fight them more acceretly

Sent over seas or the other Allies provided it.

The Allies, joined by America's less worn-out troops, were able to push Germany back and win World War I.

Three words. The United States. They weren't involved at the beginning so they had more resources and able-bodied young men. They joined the allies and so they won.

America joined the side of the Allies to secure their victory because in the case that they lost, the wouldn't be able to pay America back.

By taking the beach at Normandy the allies were able to march into Paris and free it from the Nazis.

The United States used the first Atomic Bomb in Japan and the war ended abruptly.

The allies were able to mobilize resources because various allies focused their technology on making some weapons that they were best able to. Some made tanks while the British focused on making cruisers and frigates.

Joseph Stalin was able to establish such a strong communist presence in Eastern Europe following World War 2 because of strong military, economic, and diplomatic pressures.

Assuming you mean WW 2 ... it was because the US could out-produce all the rest of the world - especially the axis powers.

in early 1943 u.s. and british forces gained power over north africa and italy, forcing mussolini to surrender. that same year, the allies defeated the japenese in several key battles.

A massive offensive attack by the Allies in 1918, where the Allies were able to overpower the German trenches.

The United States of America was able to loan more than $10 billion to the allies, during World War II, due to the sale of government war bonds. More than $50 billion of war bonds were sold in the 1940s.

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To set free, as though in an imprisonment or bondage.

When hittler did that, Russia/USSR/Soviet Union went to the allies side to fight with USA and England/United Kingdom. With the help of Russia, the allies were able to defeat Germany.

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