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Which of the items are not a relevant factor in computing depreciation a salvage value or useful life or cost or ongoing repairs?


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ongoing repairs are not relevant, the other three are all essential...


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No. depreciation is compensation for a loss of value. You can make repairs or do whatever you choose with it.

If you want to collect the depreciation your insurance company withheld from your claim payment you must make the repairs to your home. After you make the repairs contact your insurance company and they should issue a check for the depreciation.

If there is recoverable depreciation involved in the claim then when you send your adjuster the invoice showing the amount for repairs was less, they will subtract the difference between the adjusters check, and the amount of your invoice, from the recoverable depreciation amount. Lets say your adjuster estimate the repairs to be $1,000 RCV and they with held $500 in depreciation. So they cut you a check for $500 with the remaining $500 withheld in recoverable depreciation. If you show them that you completed the repairs for less than $500 then they will not return any of the other $500 they withheld for depreciation as you got the repairs completed for less. If you showed then you got the repairs completed for say $800 then they would release $300 of the $500 they were holding and keep the remaining $200. If you showed them the repairs cost the full $1,000 they estimated for the will release the full $500 they were withholding in depreciation. If there is not recoverable depreciation withheld then forgot everything you just read and keep the change.

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One of the advantages of fixed assets are that over the period of the fixed asset, the total burden of depreciation and repair costs are disproportional over the effective life of the asset. One of the disadvantages is that the depreciation is not a suitable method for assets like plants and machinery as depreciation is constant while the repairs on such assets will be heavier in later years.

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Insurance companies differ with the make, model and year. Typically most companies won't even repair a damaged car that is estimated 30% repair costs balanced against the Blue Book value. If the car needs only minor repairs it should not significantly effect the value of the car or increase the depreciation.

Sorry, our crystal ball is in for repairs. But, you can follow the link, below and review depreciation of this model or others like it over three years, to see what trends you can spot.

Plumbing repairs are typically not covered due to age, wear, tear and depreciation. They would be covered in some circumstances like fire, vandalism or a water heater was hit by a vehicle.

State income taxes are deductible on the Federal Form 1120. Other deductions include repairs, interest, and depreciation for homeowners filing Form 1120.

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Yes. You claim income that you receive in addition to expenses like repairs, insurance, property taxes, depreciation, etc. This is the case with me assuming that you are the owner of property that you rent to others and not rental property where you are the tenant.

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