Which of the weapons of totalitarian governments do you think is most effective in maintaining control of a country?

The Russian revolution was like a firecracker with a very long fuse.
In 1881 Alexander 3 succeeded his father alexander 2, and halted all reforms in Russia.
To wipe out revolutionaries, Alexander 3 used harsh measures.
To establish a uniform russian culture, Alexander 3 oppressed other national groups within Russia.
Rapid industrialization changed the face of the Russian economy. With the help of British and French investors work began on the worlds longest continuous rail line the trams Siberian railway. In 1903 Russian Marxists split into two groups over revolutionary tactics. The revolutionaries would not have to wait long to realize their visions. On January 22, 1905 about 200,000 workers and their families approached th czars winter palace in st. In 1914 Nicholas 2 made the fateful decision to drag Russia into works war 1.