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The function of the nerve cell is to transmit messages to other parts of the body such as the brain. Neurons then transmit these messages throughout the brain.

What is the name for a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body

The dendrite carries messages to the cell. The axon carries messages away from the cell. These messages travel to the nerves ,that goes to the spinal cord, to the brain.

sensory or afferent nerve cells carry messages to the brain

The nervous system sends and recieves messages!

the cells in your heart send blood.the cells in your brain send messages

Neurons. Synapses. Look em up. It's one of those.

cell body to the axon to dendrites

Brain has neurons, which send impulse to each other. Similarly brain send impulse to each and every cell and receive them continuously. Hope that I am correct.

A neuron is different from an ordinary body cell because it transmits messages throughout the brain. It also sends electrical messages.

the nerve cell received the message and send to the brain and the brain will analized and back it to nerve that cause to react

They send messages to and from the brain all over the body along the cells. : )

A synapse is the connection between neurons, allowing them to pass signals between each other. A synapse may also be between a neuron and a non-neuron cell, such as a muscle cell, to trigger a reaction.Helping to send messages to and from the brain.

The nerve cell is very short and wide so there for is easier to transmit messages to the brain. :)

I think the brain makes a shock and goes down to your spinal cord and goes to the cell

The other kind of brain cell is called a glial cell.

the job for nerve cells are to transmitting messages to the spinal cord to the brain

the part of the neuron that carries messages to the cell body is your penis

Nerve cells, or neurons, are specialized cells that carry messages through an electrical process in the brain. The brain contains about 100 billion neurons.

Neurons or nerve cells are highly specialized and have the ability to transmit messages at a rapid rate. Neurons are the basic working units of the brain and they convey messages to other nerve cells, muscle cells or gland cells.

There is a special cell in our body that is part of the nervous system. It receives messages in the muscles sent from the motor neurons in our brain. These cells are called effectors.

brain cells send messages to muscle cells to contract muscles

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