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Temperature is a measure of the motion of particles in a substance.

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What is a good definition for temperature?

the hotness or coldness of a substance

What is the definition of temperate desert?

it means a desert having good temperature

What is the definition of the phrase super hot?

There is no dictionary definition of "super hot". However, the definition of super is very good or pleasant and the definition of hot is having a high degree of heat or a high temperature.

What is the definition for temperature range?

The definition of temperature range is the dirrefernce between the highest and lowest temperature that is occurring over an area in a certain amount of time.

What is the Definition of good Samaritan?

what is the definition of good samaritan

What is the definition of high temperature?

A temperature that is higher than what is considered normal.

What is the best definition of temperature in chemistry?

Temperature is the measure of cold or hot.

What is the short version of the definition of weather?

The short Version of the Definition of Weather is: temperature.

What is the definition of the word cool?

An ambient temperature somewhere between hot and cold. Also is a slang word for nice, good, satisfactory.

What is the definition of temperature-?

Temperature is the measurement of heat or cold present in an object or substance.

What is the definition of fahrenhieht?

Fahrenhiet is a temperature scale.

What is the definition of cremated?

Burning by high temperature.

What is the definition of chilling plant?

The definition of a plant chiller is a device that lowers the soil temperature to 68 degrees. 68 degrees is the optimal soil temperature for a plant.

The definition of ambient temperature is?

the temperature of the surrounding environment; technically, the temperature of the air surrounding a power supply or cooling medium

What is the definition of moderate climate?

an average climate temperature

What is the definition of thermometor?

An instrument used to measure temperature.

What temperature is no heat found?

Zero Kelvin by definition

What is the word to the definition desire to do good to others?

"Good Samaritanism" or "volunteerism" fit the definition.

Definition of public good?

Definition of public good: a good or service that is provided without profit for society collectively

What is the definition of freezing?

In meteorology the definition of freezing is when the temperature outside hits below 32 degrees F. Ice can begin forming on roadways when the temperature hits 32 degrees and people can die from exposure to prolonged cold at this temperature

What is the definition of standard temperature and pressure?

Standard temperature and pressure (STP) is 0oC and 760 mm mercury

What is extothermic?

It is a definition for when a chemical reaction occurs and the temperature increases.

What is the definition of temprature?

Temperature is measure of hotness or coldness of an object .

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