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Increased ecosystem stability

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Answer this question… Ecosystem stability

Biodiversity is variety of lifeforms in a specific geographic are in fixed time period . If lifeforms share same ecosystem so in one ecosystem there is a biodiversity. In this way Biodiversity is related with ecosystem

Biodiversity makes the ecosystem more stable.

The Tundra has the lowest biodiversity.

Humans need biodiversity ,as biodiversity is related to the ecosystem if there is a shift in biodiversity then there will also be a shift in the ecosystem which will in turn affect human life

Biodiversity contributes to the sustainability of an ecosystem because different species in a given ecosystem depend on each other.

increased biodiversity and as a result faster and more effective natural selection and hence evolution.

Pollution results in decreased biodiversity in an ecosystem.

Succession Increases the biodiversity of the ecosystem

biodiversity makes a healthy ecosystem

the types of plants and animals that are located in that ecosystem

it makes an ecosystem more stable

You can find biodiversity anywhere that there is a variation of life, whether it be genetic, species, or ecosystem variation. Coral reefs are a great example of ecosystem biodiversity. Rainforests are a great example of species biodiversity.

The rainforests are excellent examples of biodiversity in an ecosystem.

a decrease of the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

biodiversity increases ecosystem productivity with all the species in that ecosystem , no matter their size,have a big role. A diverse ecosystem can prevent and recover from lots of disasters.

The higher the biodiversity, the higher the number of species, and the lower the rate of extinction. A decrease in biodiversity means a single species will become extinct and this will have a negative impact on other organisms for all organisms in an ecosystem are connected.

The variety of species in an ecosystem is known as biodiversity. Different environments have different amounts of biodiversity and are influenced by humans.

Factors that affect biodiversity in an ecosystem inculde area,climate,diversity of niches,and keystone species.

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