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Which of these metals silver iron magnesium potassium or zinc will give the most violent reaction with water and why?

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2007-05-16 19:18:20

Potassium is the most reactive. All of the elements in the first

column of the periodic table are extremely reactive to water. These

elements all have on more electron than the stable noble gas

configuration (an octet in the valence shell), and so by getting

rid of that extra valence electron, the element becomes much more

stable. In contact with water, these elements will give this extra

electron off to the water, forming hydroxide (OH-) and becoming a

positive ion. For example, when you add potassium metal (K) to

water, you will form the positive ion K+, which has the same

electron configuration as argon, with a completely filled valence

shell. The other metals listed will not react very quickly at all

with water (unless it is very acidic water).

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