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King Narmer

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Q: Which of these two kings is NOT said to have unified the two kingdoms of Egypt?
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Why did lay investure cause a struggle between kings and popes?

Kings thought that they should have the right to appoint bishops within their kingdoms but the pope said that the right was reserved only to the pope.

Ancient Egypt. It has been said that Egypt was β€œthe gift of the River [Nile].” What does this mean How did Egypt develop into a unified state and then expand into an empire What can Egyptian art and religion tell us about the people who produced them?

it mean the nile was a gift

Where did King Tutankhamun become king?

in Egypt of course, in the vally of the kings. it was said his coronation party held guests as amazing as gods them selves

When did the ancient Egyptian era begin?

ancient Egypt started around 3100 bce when according to tradition king Menes unified the country. ancient Egypt is a VERY interesting country and it is very cool and its better than any other country. whoever said Egypt is the stupidest country ever IS the one who's stupid. :D

What was one subject kings and popes often argued about?

One of the biggest areas of contention was who had the right to appoint bishops. Emperors said they should have the right to appoint bishops in their kingdoms. The pope said only he could appoint bishops. It is called the Investiture Controversy

Where was Anubis said to be born?


When both the president and Congress are led by members of the same party the government is said to be?

A unified government.

Who said Egypt the gift of the Nile?


Egypt is said to be a gift of the?

A gift of The Nile.

Who said Egypt is the gift of the nile?


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