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This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you don't have one, you can order one from a dealer. You may also find one at a salvage yard. I have a 91 S-15 Jimmy 4x4...4.3L...and I run 10W30 Valvoline in it year round. Depends on driving conditions and weather. 5w30 is a good middle of the road oil. Make sure the oil you use meets API standards. I just use 5w 30 year around. Especially in the cold weather it circulates easier. Honestly your owners manual should say 5w 30. However that is the manufacturers suggested oil for when the car was made. What weight oil you use especially for older cars should be based upon how many miles you have on it. If it's a 91 I'd say you have over 100k on the clock. Use 10w 30 year round. If you want in the summer you can use 10w 40 because oil tends to run thicker in the summer. If you notice any oil leaks then up the weight to 10w 40 and 20w 50 in the summer or use an oil additive such as Lucas.

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Q: Which oil do you need for a 91 V6 Jimmy?
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