Which one component in a high end gaming computer is likely to draw the most poer?

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There's generally two answers to this, but the single most important component is the graphics processor. The central processor is also incredibly important.
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What is the most played computer game?

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What do you like most about working with computers?

There is always a better way of doing things It changes quite a lot which means there is room for learning new things You can never get bored of having to do the same task continously It does all the hard work for you but you still make the decesions & do the thinking There is something in store for ( Full Answer )

Why is high humidity damaging to computer components?

Humidity is harmful to electronics because electrical componentsshould not have any type of moisture near them. If they come incontact with moisture, they could stop working or experience ashort.

What are the 10 most significant components of a computer system?

Really there are only a few specific ones: Motherboard that takes the hardware CPU for the core processing Memory for relaying info Hard drive to store the info Video chip or card to display the video output optional: Sound chip/card for sound output

Why are people considered the most important component in a computer system?

People are NOT considered the most important part in a computer system. People are actually the least important and tend to cause the most problems in computer systems, by accessing parts of the Internet that causes the computers to be compromised, by inserting USB Drives unknowing infecting them wi ( Full Answer )

Is the CPU the most critical component of computers?

The CPU or microprocessor made modern computers possible. They now contain 10 to 20 million transistors on the size of a thumbnail and underpin virtually every aspect of modern life

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Which computer component is most critical and why?

CPU- is the critical component in a digital computer that processes data by executing instructions that are contained in computer programs. Source: Intro to CIS by Steinberg

Most important hardware components needed for gaming?

Generally after a hard drive with enough space to hold your files you need a good amount of RAM. RAM is basically what makes the computer faster, and the types of RAM chips vary from 32 Pin SIMM, 72 Pin SIMM, 168 Pin DIMM, DDR 2 and 3, and all sorts of others.

Component of the processor that directs and coordinates most of the operations in the computer?

clock. normally made of a material with a crystalline structure such as quartz. . Nope, the clock only provides timing. Also there have been several computers designed that have no clock at all; these are called "asynchronous computers" in these computers each unit has additional circuitry that ( Full Answer )

What is the most important component of a computer?

The central processing unit, or CPU. But to be useful you also need working memory (RAM), mass storage devices and at least one output device. Input devices are optional in the case of servers.

Can a game run on your computer if the RAM of the game is too high?

well if you are reffering to the amount of ram the game itself requires you may not be able to play the game depending on how much ram your computer has, Ram is Random-access memory (usually known by its acronym, RAM ) is a form of computer data storage. Today, it takes the form of integrated cir ( Full Answer )

What are the ten most important components in a computer?

Well, this could be interesting: 1. Central Processing Unit: Without it nothing would do anything. 2. Motherboard: That is what connects the CPU to other components. 3. Memory: You have some type of volatile medium to temporary store data that is being manipulated. 4. Basic Input Output System (BIOS ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular game on computer?

Well that's a fairly open question but for paid games its world ofwarcraft or sims. The most used game is the one installed on almost every copy ofMicrosoft Windows: Freecell.

Is the most complicated component in a computer?

The CPU is arguably the most complicated component inside of a computer, with modern processors having over 2 billion transistors stuffed into the space of an over-sized postage stamp, although some video cards are also approaching that level of complexity as well.

Games like avatar high?

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How high should the ram be for your gaming computer?

It really depends upon your gaming style and the type of games you will be playing. If you're a hardcore gamer who likes to play games like COD, NFS, or anything similar, a 4GB RAM is good enough to have a lag-free gaming experience. Cheers.

Can you play high-end games on a server?

Can you, Yes, Would I suggest it, No. A server motherboard often sounds attractive because they can hold multiple CPUs, but they are often slow because they need to double check everything and make sure no data is lost.

Are there games like Monster High?

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Which one component in a high en gaming computer is likely to draw the most power?

Usually the graphic cards will draw the most power when in use. Peek usage will cause them to really amp up their draw and when they are idle (as in just doing a basic desktop) they tend to draw much less power. A large number of hard drives can cause a significant draw during boot up but not alw ( Full Answer )

Where can one get a gaming computer?

There are many options for computers these days. There are basic computers and there are gaming computers. One company that is well know is DELL. They have additional options that can be added on to their computers that will increase the functionability of their computer to make it more compatible f ( Full Answer )

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A chess game may end with a drawn result from six possible scenarios. Insufficient Material. The following combinations can never deliver checkmate (assuming no pawns) against a lone King: 1) lone King, 2) King and one Knight, 3) King and one Bishop. A player must claim the draw, otherwise play c ( Full Answer )

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Where are computer games played most?

There is no official statistic, but South Korea appears to be the country with the most amount of PC gaming due to the large cultural hype about eSports and the abundance of internet cafes.

Where can one find instructions on how to use a computer drawing pad?

Instructions are usually included with ones purchase of a computer drawing pad. If they are missing or if one happens to lose them one can find instructions for the type of drawing pad they purchased on sites such as Wiki How, Hanvon, Empty Easel and the manufacturers home site.

How does one build a gaming computer?

You can build a gaming computer by doing a lot of research for the amount of memory you would need for the kinds of games you intend to play. You also need a hard drive and a fan that is compatible these components so that your computer does not over heat. Purchase the necessary parts required from ( Full Answer )

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