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Q: Which one gets cut with a knife and what type of knife and what type of fight was it in the book rumble fish?
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Who would win in a fight a fish or a knife?


What are the conflicts and resolutions in rumble fish?

conflicts in rumble fish

When did The Rumble Fish happen?

The Rumble Fish happened in 2004.

Shortest novel S.E. Hinton had published?

It was the Rumble Fish book she wrote.

What is the duration of Rumble Fish?

The duration of Rumble Fish is 1.57 hours.

Does Motorcycle Boy from Rumble Fish have a real name?

His name is never revealed in the book.

Who killed fish in saving private Ryan?

A German soldier after an intense knife fight.

What is the setting in rumble fish book?

In rumble fish the setting takes place in California when the motorcycle boy goes and trys to find his mother when rusty-james was little

Is there a chapter 12 in rumble fish?

Yes, Rumble Fish has 12 chapters.

When was The Rumble Fish created?

The Rumble Fish was created on 2005-03-17.

When was Rumble Fish created?

Rumble Fish was created on 1983-11-08.

When was Rumble Fish - band - created?

Rumble Fish - band - was created in 2004.

What is the symbol of Rumble Fish?

The fish are a symbol. He said "If they were free, they wouldn't fight" Like gang life, if they were so packed and were free, they wouldn't fight. Motorcycle Boy left because he is trying to get away from that life

What were the fish they stole in rumble fish?

The fish they stole were Japanese Fighter Fish

What is the genre of rumble fish?

the genre is realistic fiction because everything in the book is fake but could happen in real life

What is the whole book of Rumble fish about?

It is about a boy named Rusty James who wants to be like his brother Motorcycle boy and he tries to get his reputation. Read it, its a good book

Are any characters from The Outsiders in Rumble Fish?


Who dies in rumble fish?


What are big events in rumble fish?

i have no clue

How many chapters are there in rumble fish?


Who is smokey in rumble fish?

Nicholas Cage

What books are like rumble fish?

the outsiders

Is Ponyboy in the book Rumble Fish?

No. But Matt Dillon who played Dallas Winston is. And so is Diane Lane who played Cherry Valance.

Where did the book rumble fish take place?

It takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just as all S.E. Hinton's early novels do.

How many pages does rumble fish have?

Rumble Fish is by S. E. Hinton. The paperback has 144 pages. The Kindle edition has 146 pages.