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"It didn't come in" is correct.

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2012-08-25 14:28:15
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Q: Which one is correct - It didn't came in or it didn't come in?
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Which is correct did they came on yesterday or did they come on yesterday?

None of the above, though the second is closer. The correct one would be: Did they come yesterday?

I just came or come Which one is correct?

It depends on what you are trying to say. Both can be correct. Here are two examples: I just came tonight, because a friend was here. I just come to the club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Is the sentence correct -One of mycousin has come yesterday?

No this is incorrect grammar. To make the sentence grammatically correct you should say: One of my cousins came yesterday.

What statement is grammatically correct. He just come back from Australia or he just came back from Australia?

The 2nd one

Is I came home at about one o'clock correct grammatically?

Yes. That's correct.

If you come to power and if you came power which one is correct?

if you come to the power is correctIsn't it a matter of tense? The king came to power twenty years ago, his son will come to power when the old king dies.Examples:If you come to power, will you solve all of our problems?If you came to power in 1990, why does Wikipedia say someone else was king in 1990?

Which is correct has not come yet or has not came yet?

"Has not come yet" is the correct one, but it is understandable why you would think that "has not came yet" might be correct. After all, for most verbs, the word after has or have is simply the past tense of the verb. For instance, the past tense of climb is climbed. Therefore, the past participle would be "has climbed." Since the past tense of come is came, it seems to make sense if the past participle is "has came." However, the word "come" belongs to a group of irregular verbs, so the conjugation of its past participle is different from how you would conjugate regular verbs in their past participles. This is one of those twisted exceptions in the English language that tends to confuse non-native speakers. has not come yet

Is the phrase I came home at about one o'clock correct grammatically?

yeah it sounds grammatically correct

'Where this one came from or come from?

Where did this one come from? -- Question about the past This one came from over there. -- Statement about the past Where will the next one come from? -- Question about the future The next one comes from London. -- Statement about the present

Where do your chromosomes come from?

Your chromosomes come from your parents. One half came from your father and the other half came from your mother.

What time does dairy of a wimpy kid come out?

all the books came out already in 2009 what book are you looking for? the Original Came out the 2nd one came out the 3rd one came out the 4th one came out the 5th one came out

Did Katy Perry star in a movie?

she didnt act in one, but she voiced as smurffete in the smurfs movie that recently came out.

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