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You will need to consider the condition of the vehicle BEFORE the collision. IF the tires were worn, paint faded and the body is rusting through you will probably get less than low bluebook. If the vehicle has been kept in the garage, still has new car smell, no body damage prior to the collision, the interior is clean and the engine looks like it had been well maintaned, (good serpentine belt, clean oil, clean engine compartment) you will get high bluebook or if not you certainly have grounds to contest his offer.

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Q: Which one of the 3 prices quoted in Kelly Blue Book do you use to compare to what the adjuster for the insurance company will be offering when a vehicle is considered totaled?
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How much money does an insurance adjuster make?

depends on company, state, type of adjuster

Do you have to hire your insurance company's recommended adjuster?

Insurance companies investigating or handling a claim appoint an adjuster. I know of no instance where an insured or claimant would hire an insurance companies adjuster. If you disagree with the company adjusters valuation or handling of your claim, You are welcome to go out and hire your own public adjuster to get a second opinion.

How long does it take to go through an insurance adjuster course?

An insurance adjuster is an expert who works for consumers to settle their insurance claims. They take care of all the time consuming and intricate documentation and get a fair deal for clients from the insurance company. Appointed by insurance companies, the adjuster also prevents deceitful and unlawful claims. This is how you can become a licensed insurance adjuster.

Insurance adjuster estimate is less than what you obtained from other estimates?

If your insurance adjusters estimate is lower than that of your own, you can submit them to your insurance company through the adjuster or directly for payment. Many times insurance companies make quick lowball offers in the hopes you will take them. You may want to consider hiring a Public Adjuster in order to get the most you can from the insurance company. Studies show that settlements were 42% higher when a public adjuster is involved.

What services are provided by the company Insurance Factory?

The company Insurance Factory is an insurance broker. It provides insurance adjuster services for Allstate, Integrated Insurance Services, Property Insurance, and General Auto Insurance.

If an insurance adjuster came to your home and gave you a quote on what is covered does the insurance company have to honor that?

the value of your claim is always based upon your contract (policy) with the insurance company. but if the adjuster was an actual employee of the carrier (vs. a hired adjuster), and didn't qualify the information (i.e. i have to check with the home office) then you have a good argument to make that you are owed what was told to you. Insurance companies play hardball and do not always honor what the adjusters says. Sometimes the adjuster will misrepresent what he or she said when ask my their company.

Is safeco insurance really considered safe?

According to most reviews, Safeco insurance is considered to be a safe, reliable insurance agency, offering various insurance policies on cars, houses and more. There have been no reports on it being an unsafe company.

Do you have to use the adjuster your insurance gives you for a damage estimate?

No, you do not have to use the Adjuster your insurance company gives you for a damage estimate. You can be your own adjuster by getting 3rd party bids for repair or replacement, along with any other covered expenses, like towing and a rent car and medical bills, add it all up and present to your insurance company for payment. Instead of presenting them to your adjuster, ask to work directly with the manager of that office, or go straight to the insurance company. I work as a Public Adjuster, for the Insured, not the Insurance Company. Public Adjusters usually work on property claims and they help homeowners collect the maximum amount possible after a fire or flood.

What is the approx annual income of a hail insurance adjuster for Iowa Farmer's mutual Hail Insurance company?


How long does an insurance adjuster have to submit a claim for a vehicle accident?

First, it's not the adjuster that submits a claim. You would submit the claim to the insurance company or to your agent and then it is sent to the insurance company claims department. The adjuster is the person in the claims department that handles the claim. He or she will get statements from both drivers, and look at the accident report from the police department and make a determination as to fault. The adjuster then handles repairs and payment for losses. The quicker everything is gotten turned in to the adjuster the faster they can finish and keep everyone happy.

What is the best company offering affordable car insurance?

Progressive is currently the best company offering affordable car insurance because they compare quotes with other companies.

What is a 620 adjuster license?

A 6-20 adjuster license is a license for an all lines insurance adjuster. Someone with this license could either be an independent adjuster or work for a company. An all lines adjuster determines the amount of a loss and/or settles claims.

What is an adjuster?

An insurance claims adjuster is a person who decides how much money their company is going to give you for your loss.AnswerAn insurance claims adjuster is a person who coordinates damage reports, loss and damage repair estimates to assist the insurance company in determining the monetary value or repair cost of your loss.

Can you tell me what the insurance factory is?

Insurance factory specializes in offering clients insurance if they are considered to be high risk. As with a finance company that offers clients who have bad credit a loan or credit card, insurance factories do this regarding insurance.

How does an auto insurance company process a claim?

Once you've reported an accident to your insurance company they will assign a claims adjuster to your file. The claims adjuster will meet you in person or contact you by phone to determine what is covered by your policy. The claims adjuster will let you know where to take your vehicle to be assessed to determine if it is a write off or repairable. If the accident was the fault of another party, then your adjuster will contact the other insurance company of the other party, assuming you were able to obtain the information of the other party. If anyone was injured in the accident then information from a doctor will need to be provided to the insurance company, so they assess financial compensation for the injury and time off work.

How do you deal with home insurance adjuster?

The easiest and perhaps best way to deal with a home insurance adjuster is to call in a Public Adjuster and let him maximise your settlement and take care of the details of what can be a very stressful situaton. Public Adjusters usually charge about 10% of the total settlement, but they know the details of your insurance policy and the hidden ways to ask for and get money from your insurance company.

Is Golden rule insurance a company or rule of insurance?

Golden Rule Insurance is an insurance company offering various health insurance coverage plans, auto insurance coverage and homeowners insurance. They are affiliated with Unites Healthcare Company and are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Which insurance company offers the best motorcycle insurance and why?

Progressive Insurance Company is considered to be the best company from which to purchase motorcycle insurance. Progressive offers fast quotes and their premiums are considered to be very competitive.

What is a company that represents more than one type of insurance and more than one insurance company?

The company offering more than one insurance and representing more than one insurance company is called Corporate Agent.

Can you use the other party's car appraisal estimate in a car accident claim?

You will use the estimate from whichever insurance company that is paying out on the claim. The adjuster from that insurance company will be the final decider.

How do you deal with an insurance adjuster about a house fire?

The best way to deal with a home fire is to hire your own expert, called a Public Adjuster, and let him deal with it. For a small percentage fee, usually about 10%, a Public Adjuster will assemble the claim, total the entire claim and submit it to your insurance company. They then will negotiate with your insurance company in order to get you the highest settlement possible under your policy. Just one example, the landscaping in and around the house is usually covered by homeowners insurance, but rarely is is on the estimate you get from your insurance company or any contractors either! Just charging for the landscaping can often pay the fee of the Public Adjuster! If you forget something, dont charge for it, or undercharge for it, the money just stays with the insurance company, for that reason, it is to their advantage for you to remain ignorant and unrepresented, dont do it!

Where can one find auto insurance for Mexico drivers?

Information on insurance for Mexico drivers would be found on any insurance company offering international car insurance, 'Esurance' company for instance.

How do I find a good property claims adjuster?

To find your local property claims adjuster, you should be able to get a referral from your home insurance company. They usually have their own people they send out to do estimates.

What do loss adjusters do?

A loss adjuster usually works for an insurance company. Their job is to investigate the claims made and determine how much the company will pay out in compensation.

What are the steps to get an insurance estimate to repair a car?

First, call your insurance company to confirm what their protocol is. You will either need to get a few estimates from auto body repair shops, an insurance adjuster will estimate your damages or both. Once you have the proper estimates, you can submit the bill to your insurance company.

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