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Q: Which one of the following was not invented by a canadianthe electric guitar electron microscope imax pablum?
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Which one of the following was NOT invented by a Canadian Pablum Electron Microscope The Electric Guitar IMAX?

Electric guitar!

What is the difference between a light microscope and an electric microscope?

The light microscope can use light to better see the molecule. And a electron microscope can find and go deeper in a cell

Which microscope do not use a beam of light?

Electron Microscope

What is the principal of the electron microscope?

what is the principal of electron microscope

What is a microscope in science?

There is a compound light microscope, an scannignn electron microscope, and transmission electron microscope.

What are the various KINDS of a microscope?

Stereomicroscope, Compound Microscope, Phase-contrast microscope, electron microscope, Scanning-electron microscope, Transmission electron microscope, Confocal-scanning microscope. THESE ARE JUST SOME. :)

Which of the following is a feature of a transmission electron microscope?

It can produce images of objects within a cell.

What types of microscopes?

The four main types of microscopes are the Light Microscope, Electron Microscope, the Transition electron microscope and Scanning electron microscope.

What is the difference of a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope?

what is difference between compound microscope and electron microscope

Why electron microscope is called as electron microscope?

The resolution of electron microscope is much higher than that of light microscope, allowed detailed ultra-structural examination. That's why electron microscope is called so.

What are the 4 kinds of microscope?

light compound microscope, phase microscope, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope

What type of microscope is needed to observe single atoms?

an electron microscope

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